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Full Version: How to make the car "pop"?
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Hi guys!

Am new at photography, and im looking at the photos on this sides, and it is impressive stuff. One thing im wondering about, how to make the car "pop" from the for and background? Is it a double flash-system which made most of the poppings, or is it photoshop afterwords?

A couple of examples:

Best regards

Jacob Photo
dramatically underexposed background, well lit car, careful masking.

One word: contrast.

More words: if the car is a contrasting element, it will stand out. You can utlize a lot of different types of contrast, e.g. contrasting colors, lights/shades, still/moving, smooth/rough, hard/soft. Contrasting elements will reinforce each other, and add interest and visual tension.
Blue Devil
QUOTE(Han5y @ Jul 11 2012, 08:34 PM) *

Remember that you want it to pop but not look like it does not belong there...

in the Camaro photo above... yes.. the car pops... but maybe too much... i would have made the white a bit warm to blend better into the scene... just a tad goes a long way.

Jordan Mo
QUOTE(Jacob Photo @ Jul 11 2012, 05:35 PM) *
dramatically underexposed background, well lit car, careful masking.


that's probably one of the most short yet helpful advices that i've gotten in a while. thumbs_up.gif
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