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Full Version: Car things you have laying around
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This is a set of headers I built for my FB RX-7. I built these in 2003 when I was working in a garage during summer break from University. I never got a chance to actually put them on the car...and as you can see they're a bit worse for wear.

I might grind the rust off and have them powder-coated. For what, I don't know. Maybe to sell. The design was created by a guy who raced RX-7s professionally during the early 80s, so if they looked nice I could probably get a bit of cash for them.

A rotor from my first FB RX-7 (I had an FC before it). I blew the apex seal after the 2001 Canadian GP. If you've ever been to a GP in Montreal, you know the race is only part of the entertainment. The entire city is crawling with Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis and BMWs. And I was without my car, because I flew.

When I got home I was so desperate to go for a drive that I over did it. I missed a 5-4 downshit and put it into second. Bang. This is pretty much all I have left of that car. I went looking for pictures the other day and couldn't find any.
3 NOS Ate Master cylinders that fit early 80s 3-series. 2 empty FAG boxes that my wheel bearings came in. A new old stock Bosch 6V coil (still in box!) from the 60s. A speedo from a 60s VW. Cruise control module and ABS module out of an 92 735i. And a piston/conrod out of a BMW S14 engine. That's it for my room...
I have the exhaust pipe from my A4, not sure what to do with it. 16" VW Passat wheels that can be used as spares on my wife's Jetta... that's about it.
fiber optic
Inside the house? New ignition switch for the Volvo.

In the garages? Mostly air cooled VW stuff with some modular Ford and Volvo thrown in.
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