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Full Version: suction cup issues ?
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Has anyone had any issues using suction cups on vehicle bodywork before ?

I had a situation today where the paint seemed to react to where the cup had been, like a deep groove around the ring and the centre turned to an orange peel effect

The orange peel effect disapeared after about 30mins and the ring became less but is still there, car was later taken to Porsche and they said that the defect seemed to be under the paint ?
I haven't had asn issue with the paint per se. I had the suction cups denting the bodu work. I've had the front (more heavily loaded) suction cup dent the bodywork inwards, and I've also had the back suction cup (being pulleds upwards buy the lever-action) 'dent' the bodywork outwards slightly. Nothing a little paintless dent removal wouldn't fix though.
I haven't had any issues yet, although I've only used my rig on 6 or so cars. I also try to avoid putting it anywhere that's not super stable. I use glass when possible.

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