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All of us old school people have pretty much grown up and gotten our lives started at this point. What is every one up to these days?

Life's had some ups and downs here. Met a wonderful girl, lived with her, thought it was it, was completely wrong. Work for a company installing library self check out systems, I travel all over the country. I've been working out and eating right and all that shit and I'm down 65lbs. My Mazda has been great but decided to self destruct it's a/c compressor a few weeks ago, so I got to fix that. Annddd last but not least, moving out of the suburbs and into downtown ATL. Oh, and I just met Anhtu when I was on a trip to DC and I met Flaw awhile back when he was in GA, not to mention the few times I've met midnight doorrriffttoo in Texas and a long time ago when I met Duke.

Short version, of course. Next?
When are you coming to Boston?
QUOTE(Razor @ May 30 2012, 02:01 AM) *
When are you coming to Boston?

Whenever people in Boston figure out how to keep a thread going.
fiber optic

These 2 take 105% of my available time.
^^ cute smile.gif

Finished my Master's last June, moved to Seattle in a big hurry to be with someone I was head over heels for, that went to shit quickly, felt like my life fell apart, moved out of his place, pieced things back together, found myself sorta accidentally dating a really wonderful guy and now we live together and it's really going great. Have a great social life up here and do the 40 hours-per-week thing (calibrating scientific instruments for physical oceanography! Good thing I got a geotechnical engineering degree... rolleyes.gif ), making less money than I wish I was but still doing OK. And yes, still checking DS practically everyday tongue.gif

GTI's running strong, just past 76,000 miles at the 8 year mark. Unfortunately someone just decided to crunch my fender a bit while it was parked on the street so that needs to get fixed sad.gif Looking at shocks and suspension bushings as its last hurrah before I replace it in the next 1-2 years. Currently my hypothetical shopping list looks like this, depending on how much money I've got at my disposal, ranked from po' to $$$:

Chevy Sonic LTZ 1.4T 6-speed
Hyundai Veloster Turbo
Scion FR-S (the one I'm mainly shooting for on this list)
Hyundai Genesis Coupe
Ford Mustang (V6? GT? Who knows)
Nissan 370Z
BMW 128i
Porsche Cayman (late model used)

...and if none of the ones I can afford strike my fancy, the MkVI GTI is my fallback position because I know it's a good car but really not looking to get a third GTI just for the sake of some variety.

I think I've given up on the dream of the Miata project car simply for lack of space to park it or work on it, though if my living situation changes that could change as well.
Trying to make my mark in the world of advertising. Did the rounds at some high profile agencies, on high profile accounts, but ultimately ended up back at the place I did my first internship our of college at (TBWA). Wouldn't have come back, but the head of the department wanted me to help get things going at a new division, I get to do a bunch of cutting edge work, and I still have a lot of friends at the agency. Working stupid hours, and not getting paid enough, but still loving it. I have access to all the latest toys from Nissan/Infiniti (plus some healthy discounts), so that keeps me happy.

My social life couldn't be better. Two of my best friends from high school moved down to Dubai for work, and that's something I never imagined would happen. Been dating the same girl for over four years now, and am finally going to meet her parents next week. My parents are flying in to meet them too, so more official things aren't too far off.

The car's basically gone to hell, as is expected of the French. Every 10k service I find myself going to the stealership, not to service it, but get things broken that are fixed. I'm spending a fortune keeping it in mint condition, and everyone's been telling me sell it but I dunno what else I'd buy. My current financial situation would get me into a well-specced but underpowered supermini, or a poorly-specced but less-underpowered compact. The car also isn't worth very much (manuals = poor resale value, and the mileage I do doesn't help), so if I sold it, I'd be putting in a fair bit of money to buy a new car. Might as well keep throwing money at this one. The Toyota 86 launched here last weekend though, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I was tempted. They're even selling a manual.

Oh, decided to work on a car blog thing, since most of the motoring content in the Middle East is decidedly weak. A friend from work and I are working something that'll be both fun & informative. We also plan to use all the resources working at an ad agency grants us (it's perfect for this kind of thing). Just got our first GoPro last week, and are playing around with that right now.

Yeah that's my life.
My best friend died last summer and I have been trying to figure out how to deal with something like that. I work a lot. (Gibson Guitar Memphis), trying to be a good dad to my 11 year. He's at that age now where we can do a lot more things together. We have a great relationship, my dad was never in my life, so I have made it a mission to always be there for him.

I need a vacation though.....soon.
The world continues to revolve.

Around me.

What else do you need to know?
Spent the last three years running a non-profit community newspaper. It was fun work, but I would end up being there 60 hours a week, and then thinking about it the remaining 108 hours. That would be OK if they paid me OK, but I was making peanuts.

My term came to an end this month and I was offered a job as a radio producer at the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation . . . like PBS except it's almost 100% government funded). So now I produce segments for three shows. It's amazing, only there is no job security. I'm there on a week-to-week basis. It's apparently how everyone starts out, so I don't feel too bad, but I feel pressured to keep on working my ass off lest they decide they don't need me next week.

My youngest daughter just turned one last weekend, and my oldest will be four in August.

Car situation is an '09 Legacy station wagon and an '06 Yaris 5-door hatchback.

The Legacy allows for semi-spirited driving, but I desperately want something more fun. The only problem is that our house has two parking spots and no back lane.

Now that I have a job where I could conceivably afford a weekend car I don't have anywhere to put it. So the theoretical 964 will have to wait a bit longer.

Detailing cars 6 days a week, drinking beer, living with my common-law wifey and cat and turtle,
its pretty deece.
^your post made me think of this song. Skip to about 1:00 to avoid listening to Euro-flirting.

I am stuck in Kansas city for past 2 years. On the plus side the position has inherent job security so thats always good.

Still driving the STI though I have been getting the urge to get a C6 vette or a C5 Z06 (pop-up headlamps!!) or a 335i.

Besides that life is going well. I did meet up with midnightdorifto for some beers last weekend. Good times!
Looks like everyone's life just took a turn for the busy... mine did as well between grad school, work and my 3 month daughter I barely have any time left to do anything car related.

I sold the GTI about a month ago, which I still miss every now and then. I have installed a boost gauge on the Audi and bought a cat back exhaust for it. Other then that I don't really have as much motivation or desire to mod it.

Just got my BS in chemistry a few weeks ago. Have my first real interview on monday. Have been working on the e30 and hanging out with friends in the mean time. I will update the e30 thread in a few days...
I finished earning a Masters Degree last fall. Now I'm an unemployed layabout. I've had a few interviews but nothing's come through. I did some writing for a political philosophy blog and for a friend's webpage. One was fun and paid poorly, the other was a venture in plagiarism that paid well. My friend's pool has dried up, marriage, work, moving away, two dead, lost touch etc. I now aimlessly browse my favorite reddits when I'm not looking for work. I've been doing a lot of reading recently. You can find me at various cafes and coffee shops around San Diego staring off into space over my aging laptop or a half finished book.

I was doing some general maintenance on the Cobalt today, it's why I checked these forums! 35k miles in and major no issues yet. The dashboard has had the "change oil soon" indicator on for almost 5 months now so I did that, changed filers, and filled it with fluids. The Karmann Ghia has been untouched for about as long. Only one back ordered part and the convertible top and the interior will be done up. Found a place to clean up and powder coat the convertible top frame.

QUOTE(Bjorn @ May 30 2012, 08:31 PM) *
^your post made me think of this song. Skip to about 1:00 to avoid listening to Euro-flirting.

hahahaha, amazing!

yeah, that song is pretty much my life. except the "hardly waking before noon part".
if i don't go to bed before 11pm i'm one dickr'd 'pliance for my 6am commute.

Oh you know, coding, raving and driving. Me gusta.
Razor is out of control. hes coding filth and on "the drugs".
He once drove 10 miles over the speed limit and smiled.
QUOTE(Altostratus @ May 31 2012, 11:02 PM) *
Razor is out of control. hes coding filth and on "the drugs".
He once drove 10 miles over the speed limit and smiled.

QUOTE(Razor @ May 31 2012, 06:59 PM) *
Oh you know, coding, raving and driving. Me gusta.

I hope you are into raving for the drugged out slutty chicks and not the noise some people call "music".
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Jun 1 2012, 11:53 AM) *
I hope you are into raving for the drugged out slutty chicks and not the noise some people call "music".

Man, where to begin?

And that's how I ended up making this post.
^ I was hoping there was background-colored text to highlight and read. Oh well.
Phix you're so boring.
getting married in Sept.
selling the 350Z and trying to get an S2000
back at I/OMagic as a graphics guy
debating going back to school cuz graphics is not cutting it.
350Z? You had one? Where's the TSX?

Congrats on the matrimony, you poor schlob!
I still have the TSX. And the 350Z is the fiance's... but it's an auto. She's gonna take the TSX and i'm gonna get my S2K
QUOTE(Diesel @ Jun 5 2012, 07:07 PM) *
I still have the TSX. And the 350Z is the fiance's... but it's an auto. She's gonna take the TSX and i'm gonna get my S2K

Good thinking. I always was shocked by the fact that you went from the tC to the TSX, lol. Who on this board still has S2Ks?
so this thread died quickly :-( and here I thought I can go back to this forum on a daily basis smile.gif
Start another one.
Mr b00st
Took a full time job selling chevy's in March. Living with my girlfriend I've been dating since last July and our two dogs. Occasionally putting out a blog post, the site seems to be doing really well now actually. Wrenching on the E36 on my days off.

I miss my Saab.
Still driving the 2005 Volvo S40 T5 I bought Feb '11, had no idea my job would require QUITE so much driving, put 40k miles on it in 15 months

Got engaged in January, closed on a house April 16, getting married August 25, honeymooning in Mexico

Had the same job since Feb '11 in sales for a wine & beer distribution company

Don't get on DS nearly as much as I used to or would like!
Blue Devil

still working for the county... web design going on 11 years..

photography has dried up a bit for me... looking for more clients...

expecting my 2nd child next week... my 1st son is going to turn 4...

I have picked up working out again... feeling great about it...

My almost 4 year old wants to run the Ninja Warrior course "Daddy let's race and win it together!" I am seriously considering training for it...

My Camaro SS is still stock.. probably going to stay that way for a long long time...

Not coming to work for a month to be with my new born... AWESOME...

Have some new goodies coming to fill up my camera bag...

I have a brand new AB1600 flash head that I am dying to use but haven't really

doing self family portraits with a hyper child is REALLY hard.
Scored a job as a chemist, working 2-10pm M-F. I think I'm going to keep working at my current job 7:30-12. I won't have a life during the week but I'll be making almost $1,000/week. Seriously been thinking about saving up for an E60 M5...
Jacob Photo
do I count as old school?

day job - working for a company that does SMS text messaging stuff
still shooting fairly regularly, I have a contract to do all the Formula D events
I also started doing some announcing / color commentary for the FD livestream, that's going pretty well
still living in the condo I bought about 2.5 years ago, a few blocks from the LBGP race track
still driving my '07 Honda Element that I paid off early and now has 90k+ miles in 4 years

that's about it. nothing exciting.
Married 5 years this month, two kids (3 and 1 1/2), house, and still driving my '03 Protege 5. Working for one of the biggest telecom companies in the world doing internal comms and brand/design. Life is good, although I'll be glad when 2012 is over.
Oh hey.
I'm changing jobs out of my "pretty good for a plan B" calibration job to getting my foot in the door with a Civil Engineering firm, which is awesome smile.gif It'll be more work but it's a start in my career and the money should be quite a bit better. Trying to tee myself up to buy a house in the next few years, we'll see how that goes smile.gif

The GTI continues to get more consideration in my budget and planning that it has for most of its life. I think tires and brakes are happening, potentially wheels as well (not sure about that). Hopefully get my first trackday of the season in in about a month with some friends of mine who haven't done it before which should be a cool experience!
- New job next month (my current company was a sinking ship, and I was made an offer I couldn't refuse elsewhere)
- Bought myself a pretty, little Toyota 86. Sold the horrendously unreliable Pug
- My mom has moved in down the street from me (my dad will follow the year after)
- Got engaged late last year, getting married in December

Yup, that's about it.
- In my final semester and about to graduate with a degree in Computer Science.
- In talks with many web engineering and design firms about full-time jobs (I've been doing contracts and internships for years and it will finally make sense for me to settle down somewhere after May). Top choices for location are Boston, San Francisco and Boulder. If I end up doing either of the latter, I will certainly road trip through a lot of areas with DS-ers!

- Still pretty into the rave scene but infinitely more for the music than the people or anything else anymore. Call me jaded, but fake people suck ass, especially when they're all drug addicts. At least it's taught me to appreciate those who are actually for real.
- I've learned to DJ (like everybody else on the planet now) and am just learning to produce.

- Oh, and the .:R... 60,000 miles after acquiring it, not a single major issue. Had the oil level sensor replaced once under warranty, took an hour and that was it. It's been the perfect car, if not slightly thirsty.
- If I nail one of the aforementioned jobs, instead of selling the R and getting something new, in addition to the summer tires I'm gonna get anyway, I'm finally getting a nice set rims (OZ or BBS for sure), full software done by a proven local guy (DSG+ECU), intake, exhaust and swaybars. It'll be my gift to myself. The R has remained stock for far too long; time to spice things up.

Graduated last June with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Got into a rotational program at Daimler and moved to Portland, OR.

Now I'm in Stuttgart, Germany working at Mercedes-Benz.

The Mazda is nearing 60k miles, and now I'm fighting the temptation to get a C300 4Matic or C250 Coupe.
fiber optic
- I Just passed my 10 year anniversary at my job. Now I'm accruing the maximum number of vacation hours.

- Still no to very little spare time at home with 2 offspring. It's getting better though.

- Definitely no money.

- No progress on garage due to no money. I still need to finish the insulation.

- Making some headway on the VW. The brakes are weird. I've bled them out pretty well but I still need to pump up the pedal for them to feel OK. I think it might be a bad master cylinder but not sure about that. I think the oil pressure control valve might be stuck but I'm going to get the brakes figured out first before I do that. One thing at a time.

QUOTE(Vadvagool @ Feb 28 2013, 05:21 AM) *
Graduated last June with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Got into a rotational program at Daimler and moved to Portland, OR.

Now I'm in Stuttgart, Germany working at Mercedes-Benz.

The Mazda is nearing 60k miles, and now I'm fighting the temptation to get a C300 4Matic or C250 Coupe.

Congrats on your graduating and landing a sweet gig!

Not too much here, switched jobs to a corporate business bank as a Network/Systems Administrator. Gotta wear a suit everyday sad.gif

I sold the Subaru Legacy and got this..

Details here:

I also started community college in the fall and aim to transfer to a CSU in a few years.
Moved to Kansas city in 2010 for work. Still driving the STI. I am getting the itch to move into a Z06 or Cayman S some time soonish.
Changed jobs to a big law firm in center city Philly. Instead of driving to work, I am taking the train. Went from 350-400mi per week to about 50. Daughter just turned 1.

I had been working in radio, but now I'm producing for CBC Manitoba's investigative unit.

It's pretty awesome work. I go undercover. Have a lot of time and resources to pursue stories. And I work with some pretty amazing old skool journalists.

I not week-to-week anymore, but I'm still a contract employee. So I have a six month contract here, a three months contract there...and it was getting down to the wire for my last contract, but I was renewed for another three months on Monday. Yay for being able to forget about potential unemployment until July!
Blue Devil
Since we are all sharing...

2 kids now... one almost 5 and the other one 9 months.... not getting a lot of sleep

the camaro is still with me and stock.. I haven't done any mods other than the short throw shifter. No money because of above....

Still work in the same place... going on 14 years...

Photography is going well... but I am not as busy as I would want to be.

QUOTE(Vadvagool @ Feb 28 2013, 05:21 AM) *
Graduated last June with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Got into a rotational program at Daimler and moved to Portland, OR.

Now I'm in Stuttgart, Germany working at Mercedes-Benz.

The Mazda is nearing 60k miles, and now I'm fighting the temptation to get a C300 4Matic or C250 Coupe.


and wow, great to see this board still alive. i was in stuttgart this january for the ED of my c63.

I'm into my sixth week doing actual Civil Engineering work (yay, doing what I went to school for!) Making some more money, getting my career going. Trying to tee myself up to buy a house next year, still working on the GTI. Starting to build furniture (tool expenses D:) and am nearing completion on my first project (a desk).

Michelin Pilot Super Sports are on order as of this morning, should be in early next week. Gonna sell my Continentals with about 2/3rds tread (they were a disappointment)

Desk in unfinished/unhardware'd state. First coat of urethane was put on last night:

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