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Full Version: Tripod recommendations
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Hey guys need your help. I'm in the market for a new tripod and looking for some advice as to which brands/model to go with. Tripod use will be just all around shooting.
What I'm looking for:
- Carbon fiber
- I prefer to have no center column
- Load capacity 17lbs or more ( I know its overkill for what I have, but I'm thinking its better to go with something rated to hold more than what I need )
- Max Height of about 65inches or more

Thanks in advance.

I can't give you an exact model or anything, nbut this is what I've seen:

Carbon fibre tripods are usually small and light (obviosuly), but they do not offer the strength or rigidity of a proper metal (aluminium) tripod. The tend to flex more, and through that you obviosuly lose stability. I would say that you need to make a choice between a CF tripod or a tripod that carries 17lbs (which is a lot for a modern tripod). Unless they make full sized CF tripods (which I don't know).
As for brands. Manfrotto is the only way to go.
I've had the Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Tripod Legs + Manfrotto 808RC4 Standard 3-Way Head for a few years now & its been amazing.

Great for travelling. Not too light, not too heavy. I've had almost every kind of camera & lens on this thing: canon, nikon, hasselblad. Everything up to a 400mm lens & it holds.

Its been through the wars with me & still looks brand new. I don't think you can go wrong with this combo.

ps: It also does super cool weird angles for shooting interiors, where the small centre column can come out & sit horizontally so you can have the camera away from the centre axis point too if you want. I use this ALL the time for shooting car interiors.
john jovic
Gitzo G1504 (Aluminium, 5 legs). I don't think you can get them any more, but they can't be beat. I have a lot of tripods, several Manfrotto's, but nothing has the stability of this huge bitch.

Have a look at the Gitzo range. I think they are generally 'better' than the Manfrotto's but they are also different and there really isn't a single ideal tripod.

Gitzo has always been out of my price range. sad.gif
It's crazy how expensive tripod are. I've been looking around the internet for a couple of weeks now and prices from the $200-$800 USD I just can't believe how expensive this hobby can be.
I've looked at Manfrotto's, Gitzo, Induro and Really right stuff (wayy out of my price range). With the load capacity that I'm looking for (17lbs+) do you guys suggest going with a CF or stay with aluminum? Also, if Im going to spend money I would rather get something once rather than get multiple mediocre built sticks.

Anyone here have experience with the induro brand?
Nike SB'd
When people ask my opinion on tripods I try to explain it like this. You can either spend the money up front and get a Gitzo that you'll have the rest of your life or you can slowly upgrade your tripod every two years until you eventually arrive at a Gitzo anyway. The only difference is that if you choose the second option you waste a bunch of extra cash and time buying and selling shitty tripods along the way. Camera bodies will come and go, lenses will come and go but the tripod will essentially remain exactly the same until the end of time. If anything the build quality will likely go down as the years move on. That's my $.02
^Sean, that's exactly how I see it, just my Gitzo is a Manfrotto. Solid as f*ck!
Ya, thats the route i'll end up doing. Saving to get 1 great tripod to last me for a long time.
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