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Bringing new meaning to the phrase "track tool"

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Is it a Raptor at the 0:13 mark?
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Apr 7 2012, 06:48 PM) *
Is it a Raptor at the 0:13 mark?

Yea it is!
Three things:

First off HOLY SHIT! That bastard rolled!

1. What kind of car was it that flipped?

2. What kind of car crashed into the inside wall?

3. Was this you filming?

1. Don't know but it's a broken one!
2. Don't know
3. No

What the fuck was a Dodge Caravan doing on the ring??
^^^ You just pay the toll fee for your road vehicle doesn't matter what it is

Honda CR-V, and damn!

Tanner Foust was in the raptor.

Yikes! So used to seeing crashes on tracks in professional racing, this is much worse for the driver..... driving on the 'Ring would be a bit of a drag if you had to deal with this stuff.
Did you take this footage speedyk? Someone claimed their buddy took it over the weekend on reddit.
Wow, that CRV did do some serious flippage!

Any idea what happened to the occupants? Considering that car MOST LIKELY did not have a rollcage and 4-point harnesses, I'd be surprised if the occupants are all OK.
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