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Full Version: AWD banned in BRC?
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So they banned AWD in the British Rally Championship? W T F?

Sorry but the Citroen, Skoda, Renaults, Fords wrong wheel drive cars are laughable to watch on loose surfaces. They argue the formula evens the field and is a practical solution to that endeavor. This is fucking racing. I dont always wanna see 'practicality' and nutless econoboxes with loud exhausts and a rollcage. Why not go to rear wheel drive? Hi BMW, Porsche, Nissan, and a slew of other RWD cars.

That sounds really dumb.. Have you tried following IRC?
I dunno, I could get behind that.

It would make the cars cheaper and more difficult to drive. Could be fun to watch.
Its boring to watch. The braking zones are all silly and its like watching 6 year olds in a competition to throw a hammer by the head. Even the Finns can't make it entertaining to watch.

Skr, Im looking for IRC d/ls, if you know of some, hit me.
REALLY!? The cars are FRONT wheel drive? I don't see the rationale of front over rear. Maybe the WRC is next. tongue.gif
Who watches WRC anymore? Just figure on Loeb winning.
Actually the competition this year seems much more varied, but I haven't watched WRC in a couple years now just because I'm tired of the poor coverage. I just read about it.
I even got bored with that. sad.gif
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