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Full Version: Malaysian GP
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Lap 9 and race is over. I doubt this weather clears up before its dark.
Oops. Back in action!
That was a phenomenal race.
Twas a great race indeed! thumbs_up.gif
Nike SB'd
If the rest of the season is half as interesting as today's GP it should be one hell of a year.
Best race since Canada last year. I'm so sad that Perez dropped it in turn 14, he should've won and that would've been such an incredible result.

But yeah WTF we're 2 races in and Alonso is leading the championship whoda thunk it??
I think Narain Karthikeyan demonstrated why HRT should not be on the track.

Yes, Button and Vettel hit him, but they hit him, IMHO, because he was surprisingly slow.

HRT has had three years to get their act together, and while the other expansion teams aren't challenging for the front of the grid (or even the middle) I think they've at least made progress. HRT is still barely over the 107%.
The 107% rule is the cutoff for pace and they qualified this race. They didn't in Australia. And they've shown over the last couple years that once they get past their pre-season woes they actually put in respectable races. I wouldn't be so quick to judge them.

Basically, the pace gap between the top teams and the back teams is not unprecedented at all and dealing with traffic and slower cars is something that the best drivers in the world should be expected to be able to cope with. In neither incident in Malaysia do I think Narain was really at fault, Button readily took the blame for his incident and while Vettel didn't for his he really should've because the way he cut across Narain's wing was really amateurish. I will happily and readily support the efforts of the back teams to be there and to compete. I find the stories of the back of the grid to be just as interesting as the stories at the front, sometimes moreso if only by virtue of their relative obscurity. And at the very least, the fight between the bottom 6 cars at least makes Q1 more interesting, especially once we see Marussia and HRT get their heads around their cars.
You're right. I remember the days of Minardi and Arrows Orange, who were last every race. This is nothing new.

At the same time, when two former world champions hit the same guy is that simply coincidence?

Also, for how long are HRT, Caterham and Marussia going to be satisfied always getting knocked out of Q1, and always coming in at the back of the field? At some point they're going to catch on that they're spending hundreds of millions of dollars to basically fill out a grid, and be gone.

Maybe the FIA should be doing more to help them move forward faster . . . what ever came of that McLaren Marussia partnership?
No they're not going to be satisfied, and I think you can sense that with Caterham this year. They started out with the strongest foundation in year 1 and expected to be picking off the stragglers of the midfield and aren't there yet. Maybe if they bring a few more tenths to their car and start qualifying in a way that represents their race pace they'll start doing it, but they still need some steps. Marussia and HRT are still trying to build that foundation that they messed up in years 1 and 2. It looks like Marussia has finally cracked it, they really came out in Australia surprisingly strong for a car with no testing. The HRT remains to be seen, they have a lot of issues to work out but they might have a fundamentally capable car and structure hiding underneath their problems. They certainly had a decent race car last year, it's just that nobody really noticed.
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