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Full Version: Become an F1 owner
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According to CNBC F1 is considering an IPO.

Formula One (F1), the top global motor racing series, is considering options for a stock market listing, a source told Reuters, as media reports put Singapore on the map as its preferred location for the float.

Kinda cool.

I might try to buy a share for shits and giggles.
Hmmmm what branch of F1? The FIA or the commercial rights holder? If it's Bernie, I gotta scratch my head, he's already leveraged the hell out of F1 for money and got a ridiculously good deal to the rights; he's basically just sitting on a gold mine.

Who has the ownership rights to F1 to actually put it on the stock market anyway?? Bernie has a 113 year lease as far as I know.

EDIT: shoulda read the article first, it's CVC. Well this is a damned interesting development for the political future of the sport, and honestly I think it's starting to look like F1 is getting commercially over-leveraged and is really at risk of dying out if Bernie tries to squeeze it any harder.
Now it's politics AND economics? For shame.
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