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Full Version: Mother of GOD does not even begin to describe it. Lotus Exige content.
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So Speedhunters was out and about in the SoCal canyons when they came across this guy out driving his Lotus. The guy basically took apart his entire car and rebuilt it up from the ground up. It's running a Toyota 1.8L 2ZZ motor with 680hp!

It's turbocharged AND supercharged!
It does 0-60 in 2 seconds!
It only weights 2150 lbs!
tons of custom dry carbon bits

holy mother of GOD.


2005 Lotus Elise
1.8 ltr. Toyota 2ZZ
680 whp @36 psi.
2150 lbs. with A/C

Dual staged fuel injection.
Mitch Pederson tuned AEM engine management
AIM MXL dash
9/1 Wiesco pistons
Carrillo H beam rods
RS Machine Darton wet sleeved block
Stock crank
Stage 2 cams
Ferra valves/springs
Ported head
Precision Billet 6262 Ball Bearing Turbo
Precision 48mm wastegate
Custom equal length manifold
Synaptic BOV
4" stainless exhaust
Magnuson MP 62 supercharger
Custom A/W charge cooler with 4x heat exchangers
Two custom engine radiators to handle the heat.
6x cooling fans
Remote oil cooler with fan
Custom short shifter

Toyota E153 gearbox
Oil cooler
Custom axles
AP 4 pot Lotus acing brakes
Pagid R14 pads
Kodiak Racing Wheels 7.5 x 16 10.5 x 18
Kuhmo V 710 front 215/40/16 rear 285/30/18
Nitron Shocks, Eibach Springs

Custom bodywork
Dry carbon fiber..
Canards, splitter, mirrors, seats, door panels, door sills, dash, roof, rocker panels, flairs, naca ducts and wing.
That is a beautifully executed car, and a cool story!

From 0:25 to 0:55, more to come this week

admin edit: Fixed that for you.
The fact that a spoiler that large has actual, legitimate use gives me a woody.
Wow, sweet project. I love how the car isn't just about attaining a big HP number. The conversations (and everyone's avatars) on the duede's forum are pretty funny.
QUOTE(Synesthesia @ Mar 20 2012, 10:27 PM) *
Wow, sweet project. I love how the car isn't just about attaining a big HP number.

Frankly, I found my Bemani supercharged Exige Cup (with ca. 273 bhp) more one-dimensional and less fun on public roads – where you have to maintain some semblance of a legal speed - than my 147 bhp Speedster on the same chassis. This über-Exige is commendably mental, but I think it would be even more frustrating.
^I agree with your point, but I think that the same goes for ANY legitimately fast car. You either need to say to hell with legal speeds or get to a closed course for these cars to be really gratifying, and most of us don't get to do that every day. Heck, riding my bicycle around town is more thrilling than driving my STI is on some days. If it weren't for the fact that the STI has 4 doors, a big boot, and 4wd, I'd be quite frustrated.
cool looking car but i agree, that chassis was never meant to have that much power.
I'm sure the power is absolutely not a problem for the chassis (which is a superbly rigid, if not peerless construction). It is the mechanical components that are challenged – hence the choice of the 5-speed box as no 6-speed that fitted could cope.
In my mind, any ultra-high-powered forced induction road-going car like this should come with at least two different engine modes, a low and high power (maybe some others in between) for the benefit ofhaving a less aggressive, more streetable power output to allow more enjoyable/safe exploitation of the car's performance envelope on public roads while offering the driver the chance to turn up the wick for track driving or exhibition use. This also has the wonderful side benefit of lowering the stress on the powertrain and chassis components during regular use. Seems dumb to grenade your 680 HP engine build because you felt like goosing it on the street when 500 HP (and several PSI less boost) would've left your engine in one piece without reducing enjoyment at all.
From a guy on another board who owns a Elise:

This car has been around a while and makes a splash on various interweb sites every now and again. The owner has tried selling it a few times (and I think this current iteration is intended to create a buzz so that he can finally sell it). It does break a lot. Started out life as an Elise and been transformed over the years. For a recent video, look on youtube for a show called Tuned. Note that this car has spent virtually all its life in California canyons and almost zero time on a track. There mere mention of track time to the owner immediately results in childish insults and ridiculous wagers. Last I checked, that 0-60 time hasn't been validated, but no doubt it's quick.

Lots more info (& BS) available on lotussport dot org, which is the type of place you either love or hate. The car's owner has been banned from more forums than I've ever joined or will join. His internet persona is...shall we say...interesting.
^ Sounds like the guy is a typical douche bag with an over inflated ego because he has a fast car.

He probably would be giving point-by's to stock Boxster's if he is that cocky and that crap a driver.

I know of a lot of people that would love to give that thing a hurtin...
fiber optic
Me gusta
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Mar 21 2012, 10:17 PM) *
From a guy on another board who owns a Elise:

The car's owner has been banned from more forums than I've ever joined or will join. His internet persona is...shall we say...interesting.

YeaH, I encountered him on a couple of Lotus forums too. He always knows best – and in his always most humble whistle.gif opinion everyone else is a gullible fool for believing what other fools who tune cars have done. If any suggest that something else is good, the ridicule and foul-mouthed insults immediately start to fly.

After attempting reasoned discourse with him on a few occasions – and harvesting only more scathing comments, I just ignored his outbursts

If he's happy rushing about pretty much in one gear most of the time up a canyon road where he can only use a fraction of the car's potential (unless it breaks), then good for him. Personally, like I said, on Swiss alpine roads - which aren't that dissimilar – I found less is actually more thumbs_up.gif

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