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Full Version: Bike Commuting
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Just curious, people seem to think I'm crazy for the distance I commute. How far do you guys travel round trip to work/school?
My internship was about twenty miles away soa forty mile roundtrip commute.

The shop I used to work at and which is basically my home base for all my projects is less than five miles away.

My college is 180 miles away, and my house in NY is about 205 miles away.
I drive 3.5 miles each way to work.
University and back used to be 100km/day, work about 30km/day
I live in the CBD & my studio is too, so it takes me about 3 minutes no traffic to get to the studio. About 7 or 8km.

Previously, I used to do about 25 - 50km a day one way.
fiber optic
Round trip is 15 miles for me.
Biking to and from work every day is about 18km.
Some of you guys drive as far as I bike! tongue.gif Honestly though, biking can be a pain in the ass but it's not much faster and way more expensive ($1.5k/year for parking garage) to drive for me. I just moved 3 times as far from work but the cost of property halved, worth it I think. I have to bike my ass off to work but now have space to work on an old car. biggrin.gif Bjorn, I'm getting used to 9 mile round trip, how is it for you? Flat? Winters must suck?
Winters are bad, but I normally take the bus in winter . . . although I have biked a few times. Wipeouts are fun, since you're well padded and the fall happens so slowly.

But it is very very flat here. My worst incline is probably about 10 meters spread over about 200m of road.

Your bike will make all the difference though. When I switched from a mountain bike to a single-speed with a crazy gear ratio my commute-time went down by 30%.
20 miles round trip including $6.30 in daily bridge toll, currently carpooling with two other co-workers so we take turns driving for a week at a time.
a 12 minute walk to and 13 min walk back from work. each and every weekday. helps clear my head. and i get to cross this really nice bridge.

when i have meetings arranged someplace outside work during the day, i take additional walk home and take the car.
^Picture doesn't work. Walking is nice, sucks when it's 30+ minutes though. :-/ Carpooling is a good way to go, I should look into that...
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