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Full Version: Discussion on the new 991 911.
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So as some of you may or may not know, I intern/work for a guy who owns some of the top car dealers not only on the east coast but in the whole country. (He also owns an American LeMans Team) In doing so I have gotten to drive/see/sit in some pretty damn awesome cars.

This past weekend was my father's birthday, and since I was home from college, he asked if as a "birthday present" if I wanted to go to a presentation the NNJR PCA Club (North NJ Region Porsche Club of America) was having at the Porsche dealer where I intern. The presentation was a mechanical breakdown of the new 991 911 anda comparison of it to previous generations of Porsche's such as the 996, 993, 987 etc. All of the vehicles were placed on a lift so we could see all of the "differences" and design changes.

My comments are as follows with pictures, based on the presentation. Positives listed first, then negatives.


1. The new 911 mechanically is awesome. With the bump in HP it makes an already quick car quicker, and should make for a great HPDE car.

2. The new interior, looks like it is straight out of a Panamera and when I saw that I hated it, but when you see it in person, it looks great. They really did a great job of integrating it into the new vehicle.

3. The car while bigger, wider, and longer does not look so and looks almost identical (in size) when parked next to a 997.

4. The new design looks big in pictures and I was unsure of how I would like it until I saw it in person. It is GORGEOUS! No question it is a beautiful car.

5. PDK is "kind of" cool.

6. I love that the new "S" has six piston front rotors. It basically makes spending the $8,000 premium on ceramic brakes pointless as the rotor size is the same and all HPDE/Open Track guys remove the ceramic rotors and replace them with steel ones anyway.

7. The new rear is awesome and way different in terms of previous 911's with how it works. There are now two opening "hatches" instead of one "integrated" one. The spoiler is completely seperate from the engine hatch, and the new spoiler is much larger and looks almost like the type of "active" wing you would see on a more expensive Pagani or McLaren, and not so much the classic one found on the older 911's.

8. The new full roof sun roof is really cool and is nice and airy while the previous one seemed kind of pointless. (I like sunroofs alot)

9. The car is a great drive, and the new EPS is probably the closest thing you could get to traditional hydraulic without actually having it. I found it very impressive and eons better than the EPS found in the new 5-series.

10. This is the closes thing you can get to a mid-engined 911. The motor on the new 911 has been moves 7.5 inches forward from where it was on the 997 making it quote "the world's first mid-rear engined" 911. It has a much more Cayman feel to it than the 997, and I am pretty damn sure that is an awesome thing.

The negatives-

1. The car has jumped in price substantially, which is expected of a new model but this one seems more significant than others. My father's C4S is LOADED with every possible option besides Ceramic Brakes and the Sport Exhaust. His car's sticker was $112,000 and change. We sat down with the sales manager and did an actual dealer build from Porsche (not the cool yet pointless one found on every car manufacturer site) and the way my old man wanted it equated to a $124,450 sticker and that is just for an S. I cant imagine what a C4S (what he is waiting for) is going to cost. I just know my mom is going to rip his balls out when she finds out.... DS_Naughty2.gif

2. The car has friggen 20" wheels. Wheel sizes are getting out of control. I cannot imagine what tires are gonna cost for this thing (RE-11's in 19" for our C4S cost $1200 bucks MY COST!)

3. I didn't get to drive the new 7-speed manual. It won't be available for another month or two.

4. The maintenance on this thing is insanse. As you guys know I am a pretty experienced tech and I do all of the maintenance sans warranty and major work on the 997 we have now. This thing is goign to be a bitch to work on. Hashing back to the pain in the ass oil filter days of the 993 the electric fans have to be removed before you can get to the oil filter..... An air filter change... require the rear bumper to be removed. head.gif DUMB!

5. No C4/C4S, GT3, Targa, Turbo, etc until December at the earliest. That sucks..... But it does give Porsche time to work out any kinks I guess. It looks like we are on board for a '14 model C4S if all works out.... (Should be able to order in July/August)

Hope you guys enjoy my little personal write up... any questions feel free to ask.... Showroom pictures below!

i have a buddy that works at the porsche dealership in atlanta as the lead tech. he got to drive an identical black 991 and came back saying that it was quite awesome (again, PDK, not the 7spd manual, still no word on how well that works). i like the look of it, i'd probably like it more in person i think. i do think they have gotten a bit pricey if i'm honest. being a nissan fanboi, i'd much rather go for a slightly used R35 in the $80k range or even a new 2013 for $95k. i'm sure the 991 is much more refined but the cost-to-performance ratio is so different it'd be hard to justify the difference in cost. however, i'm sure there are plenty of customers out there that are looking for a nicely equipped "base" model porsche and don't really care as much about the performance or price and i'm sure it will sell well. i, too, worked at a porsche dealership and there honestly wasn't much cross shopping. we had a regular client base that frequently bought cars. many males would buy the turbos or C4S' while they would buy their significant others boxters, caymans or "base" model 911's. i guess that's just how it goes when you are a high paid professional these days...
Nice report thumbs_up.gif

I was just thinking to myself yesterday that the PDK might be a more sensible choice fior every day driving in most conditions than the 7-speed manual. Not so convinced about severe winter conditions though I like having a clutch then.

I like the new sunroof too, but the one on the 997 is better than nothing (as on Astons, Maserati, GT-R & Audi TT).
Just curious: what do you do? I wish I had an internship at porsche sad.gif
Do want, although I would have to go with a 7MT. I'm sure the 20 inchers look good but man that's a mammoth wheel. A set of PZeros off of tirerack are $1862. freaked.gif
It's got electric power steering now hasn't it? Surely that must have affected the legendary 911 handling?
^^^ Steering feel has nothing to do with the actual handling really, though despite various test drivers saying that it is a tiny bit more detached than in the 997, it is still excellent.

Personally, I find that the 997 is not in the same league as a Lotus for felling alive in your hands, but I'm also still quite happy with the 997. As I'm also happy with my similarly electric power steering Clio RS and even my similarly equipped Smart roadster is OK, I don't think it this will be a deal-breaker on the 991. The 991 sounds like a good development of the most (daily) usable, capable sportscar out there to me.
I really don't rate electric power steering in anything I have driven, it's not that it's horrible but I always find myself thinking the car would feel better if it didn't have it.
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