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Full Version: An absolutely awesome video
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Before anyone complains, I know this is supposed to go into the Alt Binaries thread, but let's be honest, no one ever goes there. So if a moderator wants to move it, go mad, but I'm posting here, in the hope that more people get to see this awesome shit!

Imagine BMW, Merc and Audi all dusted off their old machines (if they still have them) and did limited runs of say 500-1000 of each of their cars, M3, 190E and the Audi V8, with around 200 designated for racing, and the others sold off to the public. No new technology, no nothing, exactly as they were back then. I don't know so much about the Audi, but the M3 and the 190E would sure as hell sell like mad to collectors. Imagine, you had a showroom condition 2012 '1987' Mercedes 190E with 20 kms on the clock. People would go mad.

They could do a separate race series dedicated to these cars. Man oh man, would it be amazing!!

Anyway, long live the good ol' days.

Ban for wrong forum! Raspberry.gif

Cool stuff!


Now this, is debatable!
QUOTE(OHirtenfelder @ Feb 11 2012, 12:30 PM) *
Now this, is debatable!

E30 M3, I mean...
Excellent find! thumbs_up.gif

Btw, the music is by the german band, BAP, and this was from 1982. The title, "Verdammt lang her" means "a damned long time ago".

Can you imagine if F1 was even a quarter as exciting as this it would still be far better than it is now!
Yeah Speedy, the song is awesome. If you look at the credits under the video on Youtube, it says the title of the song is "Verdamp lang her" laugh.gif

shandyman, remember though, you can't think like this


You must think like this:


tbh. I don't know which one I would want to make love t.... I mean which one I would rather have in my garage.
In standard form, I'd take the Bimmer. In go-faster form, I'd take the Merc.
Australian Supercars have similar racing and appeal.
Pretty feisty drivers and all trying to win with everything they've got and some great racing.
Great video above though.
That vid makes my dick hard enough to cut diamonds.
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