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Full Version: Lexus LF-LC
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Probably the best-looking car to debut in Detroit. The LF-LC is out to prove that Lexus isn't a one-hit-wonder with the LFA. This time around, we aren't looking at a limited run supercar, but a replacement for the SC, or a rival to the SL/XK/6-series. Lets hope it makes it into production with most of its good-looks intact, because this is just gorgeous.

Btw, best use of wood & leather in a cabin ever? I think so.
Side profile is very pretty, the front and rear though look un restrained unJapanese.

That being said, it will probably soften on the production version, so bring it on.

The interior is amazing. Floor-hinged pedals FTW.
Interior is cool... Hate everything else. Then again I also hate the LFA.
^ And I hate you.
The exterior is a bit too unrestrained. A bit too out there. That grill is somewhat OTT. I can see a fairly handsome production version beneath all of that, but it's definitely in need of some serious trimming of excess.

That interior on the other hand. I.Want.To.Impregnate.It!!! That twisted centre console. Holy fuck, it's gorgeous!!
John Potts
It looks like what would happen if an Mercedes SLS and the FRS had a kid, I love it
Duke me and you are on the same page LOL

Moe..... sorry man, Lexus does nothing for me.
Holy shit Duke, get out of my head.
Wow, pretty... intense. If what this turns into is even remotely as good as the LFA sounds/looks, I'm sold.
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