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Full Version: Holy shit DS is dead
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I mean no one posted the new NSX? Really?!

Hit or miss guys? I'm all for it. The styling is definitely spot-on for me. Originally I complained about SH-AWD and the hybrid powertrain, but I could care less about the AWD system now, especially considering how well it works for the R8. The hybrid powertrain? I'll take a wait-and-see approach with that. I'm definitely excited about the new NSX now.

While we're on the topic of Acuras, looks like they've brought back the Integra (in the form of this Civic-based ILX concept). And I personally think they'd do well to bring the name back as well. I have no emotional connection to the alphabet-soup names that all current Acuras have (NSX being the exception). Bring back names like the Legend and Integra please. In any case, I think it's a very slick looking entry-level luxury sports sedan. My question is will it be competing with the A3 or the A4...or maybe even the Buick Verano? From what I've heard, since Acura's now going to be a global brand (it's finally coming to the Middle East as well), they can't have rebadged models. So the TSX is going to die to make space for this, since the TSX is a rebadged Euro/JDM Accord. The TL will stay, and the RL will grow. Honda will probably drop the Legend in any markets it sells it in to make space for an Acura RL. These are all rumors of course.

Oh, and random fact. Acura is finally being launched in the Middle East. If it's finally going to be a global-brand, I can see why they'd want to start introducing unique models, rather than rebadging existing models (TSX, RL).
I'm disappointed by the new NSX, looks like too much of an R8 clone, and I don't care about the hybrid/SH-AWD philosophy. Effective it will most certainly be but that ain't no NSX (pardon my curmudgeoneyness)

The ILX actually surprised me, for being a tarted up Civic it looks pretty sharp.
I dunno, I like the looks of the NSX, though I could do without the TL grille. It will be an NSX as far as I'm concerned as long as the handling is legendary and the price is right.
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Jan 13 2012, 09:30 AM) *
The ILX actually surprised me, for being a tarted up Civic it looks pretty sharp.

And considering how ugly the current gen-civic is, it can't be all that bad.
In Canada we've had an Acura-badged civic for a long while (I think since 2001). The last one was actually pretty good looking; it had the style of the JDM civic, which I thought was a lot less bland than the NA market one we got.

Wonder what this means for Canada.

TBH though, Acura hasn't made a car that turned my head since the TL last generation's Type-S.

The NSX replacement looks like one of those third world supercar concepts they make fun of in magazines.
The NSX will never happen. It has already been axed once... Honda is on a horrible downward spiral right now.... They need something to jump start them again.

Bjorn is the Canadian "Acura Civic" badged as a CSX there? I have seen them a few times and they are pretty sharp looking. I also agree with you about the last gen TL Type-S being the last nice Acura model. My roommate has one and he likes it so much he is thinking when he graduates he will hold onto it as a nice "professional" DD and then get an M3 coupe as his "toy".
yeah the acura civic is the CSX.

its an SI with leather and an auto. canada has had acura civics for a long time, I.E the EL
Another fun fact:
The RL was the worst selling car in America last year.
I think that it looks better than an R8.

But there are a lot of questions that need answers still.
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