So I'm going to be selling my D3 soon and I wanted to give you DS guys first stab at it. I'll post up some pics soon (if necessary) but the camera is in 9/10 condition aesthetically and has 59k shutter actuation (approx 1/6th of the 300k shutter life). It's a killer camera and the vast majority of the work I have in my portfolio was done with it. I'm selling it to get ready for the D4 when it comes out next year - until then I'll just rent cameras as I need them.

I'm looking to get $3000 US net to me which I think is very reasonable. I have the box and charger and all that stuff too and the camera has been extremely well taken care of.

If you're interested PM me or shoot me an email at sean(at)seanklingelhoefer(dot)com