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Full Version: My cousin sure had a great Black Friday
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He went to the ferrari dealership and came out with this. Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale. paid $180K for it and it's full of carbon fiber. He said the Ferrari's were a bit too hardcore for him, and he wanted something with more luxury. Anyways.. i took it for a spin and damn is it fast. Handles great too. But i think if it were me, I woulda picked an Audi R8 instead or maybe an Aston Martin.

btw he's an orthopedic surgeon if you're curious.

Well then.
fiber optic
Given the thread title I thought I was going to see a bunch of new electronics, this is way better.
I wonder how many people got pepper-sprayed fighting over that deal...

But damn...that's a nice looking purchase...
It's funny how it makes an LS460 seem small.
I sat in the Stradale at the Geneva Show. A very nice place to sit thumbs_up.gif And I bet it's even nicer to drive not had that pleasure.

But it does seem a big waste of space when you can't use the rear seats

I find that bad enough on 911s with roll cages, but the Maserati is a size bigger still and the seats are quite usable in the stock car

I thought I would ask if they wouldn't build one and keep the rear seats. Maybe they did now?
^Is it really that nice of a place to sit? For $180k it looks rather drab. But damn, nice buy. biggrin.gif
^I'm not sure if you can have a factory installed roll cage in a car sold in America. IIRC you can't get a Porsche with one . . . or if you can you need to do something silly, like have it shipped separately and installed by the dealer.
I believe the GT3 RS came with a quasi-cage it wasn't like a legit cage but I will find out tommorow.
QUOTE(Bjorn @ Nov 29 2011, 02:08 AM) *
^I'm not sure if you can have a factory installed roll cage in a car sold in America. IIRC you can't get a Porsche with one . . . or if you can you need to do something silly, like have it shipped separately and installed by the dealer.

Crrazy! What possible argument can there be against the additional safety provided by a roll cage?

The stock LotusSport roll cage was a major reason for me choosing my official Lotus dealer-supplied Exige Cup

However, I had been told that the Swiss vehicle testers were getting increasingly awkward so, before my last test, I took the precaution of removing this prominently displayed sticker from the cage cross bar wink.gif

But teh Exige is only a 2-seater, so you don't lose any seats whereas in the Stradale (euro version, at least) you do.
I'm not sure, but in the American Porsche magazine I read it always says that the cage is nixed for US models. I assumed it was a regulatory thing.

Might have something to do with low seatbelt use in the US, and the fear that in a crash a cage would be more dangerous for someone not belted in.
I remember reading this about the RS America:

Upon receiving it, the factory engineers noted a couple issues which centered on U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. Dashboard padding requirements made it impossible to fit manual window cranks, and the absence of a rear seat would not be permitted if there was any possibility of people sitting there with no safety restraints. Thus, electric windows could be retained, and simple storage bins could be devised for the area that formerly held the rear seats. Beyond that, response from Germany was positive, and the project was ultimately green-lighted.

Article's here.

Maybe it's a related issue? However, I know the guy from Axis of Ovesteer who has a GT2, fitted rear seats to his, even though it didn't come with them.
You wouldn't be able to do that so easily in Switzerland. A GT2 is registered as a 2-seater. The official vehicle-testers would have a fit if you turned up with 4 seats. Insurance invalid, etc., etc.

It's all crazy though the test centres are regional and there are wild anomalies. In a more irrational moment, I was looking at Maserati Khamsins heart.gif heart.gif heart.gif

This one is registered as a 4-seater

This one which is for sale at the same gararge! is registered as a 2-seater

I've also seen them registered as 3-seaters rolleyes.gif

Similarly, here's a Swiss-registered Triumph TR4A which is a 3-seater

And this (identical) one is a 2-seater

Having owned a TR4A, I can say that you can get someone to travel in the back but helps if they are a fairly small female who is desperate to be with you under any conditions. But we've gone far enough off topic wink.gif
Nice Diesel. I like the black going on. How do they sound? smile.gif
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