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Full Version: Internet speed
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So, for one of my gigs right now I meet with my producer via Skype . . . but it's been shite; dropped calls, lag and stuff like that.

I checked my Dl/Ul speed several times today, and I'm getting:

DL: 5.0 Mbps
UL: 0.5-0.6 Mbps

Is this normal?

Is this terrible?

I'm using Wi-Fi through a Linksys 801.11G router.
Use this:
Normally if it's something on your end, then other things wouldn't be performing very well.

Try disconnecting from your WiFi and wire yourself in to an ethernet port to see if it's a wifi problem. If same problem persists, then it might be something on their end.

A speed test won't necessarily tell you if the connection is bad. There could be other contributing circumstances out of your control that may cause these problems as well.

You can also try bouncing your cable modem/router by unplugging the power for about 10-15 seconds then plugging it back in. Do the same to your WiFi router.
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