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Full Version: Favorite current grand prix track
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Voted for Spa because its so immense, beautiful, technical, fast, great corners, has great history, lots of action happens with every race. Reminds me a lot of the Nurburgring Nordschleife with the green mountain side as its location. Also it was this track that really got me really into F1, as I played this demo of a F1 game that had this track with MS Ferrari. It also had H.H. Frentzen's Jordan.

A close second would be Interlagos and Monza, both for having this crazy sense of speed, you really feel how fast the cars are going when they are there.

^you mean that ironically, right?

Monza won for me, but I also like Canada (not just because it's my home circuit) and Spa to an almost equal degree.
Silly reasoning as it may be, I voted for Spa because watching F1 cars fly through Eau Rouge is surreal. But bobo nailed all my other reasons. Monaco does have a special place in my heart though.

I DO love Istanbul Park's turn 8 though, as well as Interlagos. Interlagos historically has had the best title deciders, and the course itself has a lot of elements integrated to bring a wonderful GP watching experience. Tons of overtaking to be had despite not having true straights like Malaysia or Monza.

Voted for Spa for the same reasons stated above. Would go for Sepang as well but that's because I'm Malaysian.
Sepang is definitely a really good circuit, one of the best of the modern ones...

I really want to vote for Hungaroring actually, as weird as that sounds. Fire that up in a simulator and drive it and it is SO much freaking fun. And while it has a reputation for making boring races, there have been several classic grand prix there over the years, several of which have been in the last 5 season. It seems to really be a nice fit for the modern breed of F1 car. Also I just love voting for something underappreciated biggrin.gif

But I'll have to think about it some more...several good choices. Spa appears to be the overall favorite and I see why but oddly enough something about it leaves me cold. Like how it feels like the Nordschliefe except way smaller and run through a rock tumbler...
I used to love driving the San Marino circuit in F1 2006 Championship for PS3. Very scenic with elevation changes. It's too bad that track is off the calendar.

I would love to watch a GP at Donnington Park. Seems very similar to Gilles Villeneuve Circuit which is also exciting.

I liked old Silverstone and Bahrain too. Extra long laptimes(except for Spa) and too many turns bores the crap out of me. This is why I rank circuits like Valencia and Singapore toward the bottom of the list. New Silverstone and New Bahrain aren't much of a picnic either.
QUOTE(Bjorn @ Oct 5 2011, 09:11 AM) *
^you mean that ironically, right?

Monza won for me, but I also like Canada (not just because it's my home circuit) and Spa to an almost equal degree.

Actually no, there is something about Monaco that I love. It is by far my favorite track, followed by Villeneuve in Quebecois.
There's a lot of good circuits, no-one has mentioned Suzuka yet, which is a great circuit to drive on the F1 game. I love Spa, but I think I love Montreal just a bit more, my favourite track to race on the F1 game and I did with a steering wheel for the first time last week, immense fun!
In semi related news, Gran Turismo 5 DLC to includes Spa Francorchamps

I agree on Suzuka being up there, but i can only vote one.. Without a doubt the gems on the F1 calender are: Sepang, Monaco, Montreal, Silverstone, Nürburgring, Spa-Francorchamps, Monza, Suzuka, Interlagos.

playing F1 2010 I really enjoyed Interlagos. I must say, Montreal always makes for a fun race, but being a spectator over there was not an enjoyable experience for me.
Interlagos for me.
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