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Full Version: Acura Concept for Avengers
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Anyone seen this yet? I think the front end looks promising, although it somehow reminds me of a car which I can't recall.
It does indeed look promising. If I'm not mistaken, the car you are thinking of that this reminds you of is the Mazda Furai (or at least one of the Mazdas that follow that design):

Yes that's it. The part under the headlights looks freakishly similar.

EDIT: Read somewhere that it's a one-off for the movie. Will look for the article.
EDIT: It's in the same article. D'oh
Sure it looks promising, but Acura's already issued a statement that it isn't an indication of any upcoming products. It's a concept purely for the movie.
I want to be Tony Stark when I grow up.
As Moe said, it isn't a statement for upcoming products, and even if it was, Acura would find a way to butcher it.
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