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Full Version: And Yet Another (possibly) new car thread.
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Hi all,

so I'm in the market for a 'new' car. I currently have a 1971 BMW 2002 and a pretty shitty, beat up old Toyota Conquest.
I'm getting rid of the joy killer (Toyota) for something better, more stylish, more fun, and a little less 'I'm at university'.
My budget is around R 100 000 (which at todays exhange rate is exactly $ 14, 277.71)

The cars that I have been looking at are these:
Audi A4 Avant 1.8T (B6)
Fiat Panda 100hp
Volvo V50 2.4i (2nd Gen, 2004-->)

No 1 on my list(in terms of want) would be the Audi. Problem is that all of the ones in my price range have fairly high mileage (120 000km+ if not way more, about 70 000miles). I have heard that the cam belt service on these Audis is ridiculously expensive, and that they can have issues with the turbo going, which is very expensive to repair.
I do think that it's a really sexy car (I've got a hard on for wagons, especially Audis), and it should be quite fun to drive.

The Volvo is more of a second choice. I like the styling of the Volvo, and I like the interiors. With a decent set of wheels they can look quite proper imo. I have heard that they are fairly reliable, anyone have any other opinions? Also, what are servicing costs like on Volvos?

The Fiat is the oddball, because it is way smaller than the others (and I do need space for all my camera junk, but I have told myself that I could make it fit, just put the back seats flat. The fiat should be the most fun to drive, which makes a difference to me for sure. I have driven the Panda 100hp and it really is a blast to drive. Also, the 1.4 would do magic for my fuel bill (especially opposed to the 2.4 of the Volvo and the turbo of the Audi. The problems with the Fiat are that it's really, really stiffly sprung (which, tbh. I can deal with, I hope) and the resale is absolutely terrible, if I can even sell it (which I'm not planning on doing for the next at least 3 years). Another thing is that I can pick the Fiat up with between 30-50 k (20k-35k miles). Downer is that there is no service or maintenance plan. Any ideas on service costs?

I know that the costs and service and parts availability, etc. vary from country to country, but still, please give me your opinions on the cars, or on other alternatives, if there are any.
It should have space and be fun to drive (and obviously suite my budget).

Thanks in advance
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QUOTE(OHirtenfelder @ Aug 31 2011, 10:37 AM) *
The Volvo is more of a second choice. I like the styling of the Volvo, and I like the interiors. With a decent set of wheels they can look quite proper imo. I have heard that they are fairly reliable, anyone have any other opinions? Also, what are servicing costs like on Volvos?

My wife drives a 2nd generation S40 and it has been more reliable than I was expecting. It is pretty good on gas, but it is the T5 motor. I have done all of the maintenance on it outside of the warranty period. Parts are more expensive than my other cars. The stupid oil filter cartridges are twice the price. It is approaching 90,000 miles (145,000km or so) and we bought it new.

Up until last week it has not needed any unscheduled work done to it. Now the ignition switch has gone mental. I've ordered a new one which is a $120 USD part. I'll install it myself but who knows how much that would cost for a professional to do.

I think I would rate it around 7/10.
Usually turbos dont last more than 150k before they need to be replaced. The timing belt job isn't too bad if you do it yourself.
My friend owns a B6 Avant and it has been terrible in terms of reliability. Nothing catastrophic, but a major repair every year for electric stuff. Also, it's not much fun to drive and feels tiny on the inside.

What about a Legacy GT? I only have the 2.5 NA, but I've heard great things about the turbo model. They're also a hoot to drive and super reliable.
My mom drives a B6 2.0 Sedan, and it's been pretty good. Not the funnest car to drive, but nice enough, and I love the Audi interior (VAG Whore!).

Bjorn, as for the Subaru, I was looking at Impreza Wagons, tbh. I havent looked at Legacy wagons. But here in SA the insurers have a huge issue. I don't know if it's the same anywhere else, but as soon as a car has any sort of sporty connotation to it, insurance is sky high. Car is called '..... SPORT' expensive, it's a Subaru (which is immediately associated with hooligan driving), stupidly expensive. It has a turbo...really pricey insurance. A while ago I was looking at a B6 1.8T and I got some insurance! Even the words "Quattro" are somehow associated with being fast and cost more. No jokes. Quattro should actually qualify you for lower insurance premiums, but I don't make the rules.
I wouldn't even mind the 2.5 NA. What's that like on petrol?

The Volvo sounds more and more mmmmmm. But that could turn into a mmmmmeh. Still not sure. I like them, but it's a Volvo...

I'm busy looking at 2nd hand Suzuki Swifts(not the sport unfortunately, too pricey). I've driven one before, and I really liked it. Plus the styling really appeals to me. Opinions?

Thanks for the help!

Buy a STI. Much more reliable than the Audi. Much much quicker too.
OHirtenfelder, the 2.5 NA is pretty OK on gas if you treat it like a lady. I have seen as low as 8.6 L/100km in the city (using hypermiling techniques) and 6.8 L/100km on the highway. Not a civic, but not terrible either.
Fiat Panda 100HP all the fucking way. I've never read anything but praise for how fun that car is, and there's something really, really appealing about it's butch-little-box styling. Please do it, you'll be my hero.
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