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Full Version: New desk buddy
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Got a new desk buddy for my office.

Certainly not the best, but it's decently aged and isn't too bad. Most importantly it was free (my dad got it as a gift and prefers Scotch), and will do the job until I can buy something really nice.

What would you recommend for a really nice sipping scotch that can live happily in a drawer for six months after being opened? Budget is between $60-100.
Here is how I look at it:
upper 90s - Glenlivet 18
around 70 - Lagavulin
around 55 - Laphroaig Quarter cask
Can't seem to get Lagavulin shipped to Canada. I'm sure it's because of our stupid import laws. Bastards.
Not Scotch but my favorite easy-drinker is Bushmill's Black Bush. Especially for the price (I think it's ~$35 USD)

Currently my shelf has that Bushmill's 10 yr Single Malt and Black Bush thumbs_up.gif
I tried out some Yamazaki 12 year with a friend recently and it was delicious. You may want to give it a shot if they offer it in Canada. I'm interested in trying the 18 year, but current it goes for around $125.

We each picked one that the other had never tried before smile.gif

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