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Full Version: Honda Civic Dx Vibrates
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My civic dx has a hard vibration when it starts in the morning a long with a reved up noise. It slowly goes away after about an hour or so. I have changed outy the spark plugs, checked the engine mounts( upper) and have cleaned out the egr intake but the problem is still there. Any ideas? Thanks
idle air sensor/ broken engine mount
Could be an issue with your Johnson Rod. Those things have been known to wear out in mid 90s civics.
Mr b00st
Idle control valve
plug wires
vacuum leak
bad dizzy
MAF issue
throttle body issue


I would replace the wires, clean the MAF and the throttle body, and run a can of seafoam through the intake manifold see if that clears it up.
I think it the engine cylinder wear,i dont know ,just guess,maybe i should test my car with obd2
Mr b00st

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OK buddy.

if you're NOT a spammer, scanning with an OBD2 tool will only do something if you're throwing a code.
I would check your muffler bearings... they are common failures on the DX.
Clean your IACV, and your FITV, as those may what cause the high rev. Also the vibration could happen if your rear trans mount is cooked. Did you check your lower vibration mounts?
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