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Full Version: Getting sick of this
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According to the BBC Bruno Senna will likely be replacing Nick Heidfeld for the rest of the season. Not because Heidfeld is under-performing (He's currently 8th in the drivers' championship) but because Senna comes with "several million pounds of sponsorship."

This is the second time this has happened to Heidfeld . . . who is a great driver, and gives teams consistent results. I'm getting kinda sick of less talented people (Pastor Maldonado) getting seats over talented drivers because they come with sponsorship.

I interviewed a prospective F1 driver earlier this year, and all he could talk about was getting sponsors. I asked him about actually racing and his comment was along the lines of "I don't try to win on the track, because I know that if I attract enough sponsors, middle of the pack is enough."
This is why F1 after Ayrton Senna died sucked, and continues to suck.
I don't think it sucks, you still have people like Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso and Button who are genuinely the best drivers in the world, but now you also have people who are pretty OK drivers, but have a lot of financial backing.

What is sad is when the guys with cash push out genuinely good drivers.

That being said, It's also a shame when drivers who are well past their prime *cough* Barrichello *cough* stick around in some silly hope of one day being competitive again.
I think Maldonado has delivered extremely well this year actually...and Heidfeld has been outshone heavily by Petrov. I guess we'll never know if that's because Petrov is just that good and needed a season to unlock his potential or if Heidfeld is that average.

I like Heidfeld but he hasn't set the world ablaze, he's a competent driver but I think there's better talent in F1 (or ready to come into F1). Bruno Senna might be one of those people, we've yet to really see what he can do.
Mix business with sport and suddenly what starts off as cool becomes as boring and as frustrating as watching CNBC live.
I honestly feel it was Heidfeld's time to go. As mentioned by others here, he was completely outclassed by Petrov. I don't mind pay-drivers, I understand that teams have financial obligations to meet, and if the drivers can back up their funds with skill (like Maldonado and Petrov). It's a shame that someone like Hulkenburg suffered as a result, but as long as the racing doesn't suffer I'm okay.
Can Maldonado back it up?

He's scored one point this year, and ATM is best know as: "the guy who douched it up with Hamilton at Spa." I know he's won in feeder series', but so did Scott Speed, and we know how that turned out.

Meanwhile the teams who have invested in young talent are sitting on top of the podium.

I might be biased because of the beard, but Heidfeld strikes me as being very button like. You put him in a car — any car — and he performs.
Maldonado's only got one point but that doesn't mean he hasn't had many very impressive qualifying and race sessions, just a lot of them didn't turn into points. Also, driving in a Williams, given their form this year, makes points pretty tough to come by even for a really good driver.

The way Eric Boullier and everyone at Renault it talking about Heidfeld, it sounds like he just wasn't meshing with their culture.
^Yeah, he seememd to be pretty fed up with the team when he talked to the BBC about his lawsuit against them.

You don't file an injunction against people you hope to work with in the future.
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