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Full Version: F1 2011
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For those of you who haven't seen the original trailer, you can do so here.

And here's the new Gamescom trailer, which is pretty cool as they've recreated a number of events from this season for the trailer, some more obvious than others. There's a shot of the safety car in there too.

The one thing that concerns me so far is that the tyre smoke looks overdone (especially off the grid on the first trailer). Otherwise it looks like a good progression from last year and I know they've upgraded the suspension system engine, which can be seen in the trailers and should mean you can tackle curbs a bit harder without being punished as much as you were in last years game.

This means I'm gonna have to get off my ass and finish the two seasons I have left in F1 2010.

I'm excited to see how DRS and KERS work in the game . . . although I have no idea where they will put the buttons.
At the preveiw day KERS was on the LB and DRS was activated by pressing the Y button.

Would assume on the PS3 it will be L1 for KERS and Triangle for DRS
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