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Full Version: What is the best diesel mercedes?
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Hello everyone,

I am looking into buying a new car sometime within the next year. Of course, being on this site, I would prefer a diesel vehicle. Last night i was looking into Mercedes Benz diesel's. I found some interesting stuff but since I am no expert, I am coming to you guys hoping a few of you will know all about these cars. I have heard that the late 1990's (1998 and up) mercedes diesels are really good.

My question to everyone is: what year and model is the best Mercedes Diesel??

Thank You

83 350sd
Where do you live and what's your budget? That would help, seeing as MB doesn't offer all their diesel models across of their markets.
I live in the Washington DC area. So hopefully being on the east coast with major cities helps.

My budget isn't to crazy. Im looking at cars $25,000 and under. Preferably more in the $18,000 - $20,000 area.
The 80s Mercedes road tank.
Pretty sure the 5 cyl diesels in the old mercedes cars do 1000K miles no sweat
Guy sees forum named Deiselstation, assumes its about diesels.....

Anyway, I think hes looking for newer cars based only on a hunch and his budget. If your gonna get a late model diesel Benz go with the older E class E320 CDI models. Much more reliable than the newer Bluetec engines.
The model you are looking for might help too.
Out of interest I asked that question on the web, here is what came up:
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