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Full Version: WTF Beeb?
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I just heard that the BBC has given up their exclusive rights to broadcast F1 in the UK and will only show 10 races a year from 2012-18. The rest of the races will be shown by BskyB.

The BBC is apparently set to make 65 million over the course of the six years it'll be sharing the coverage.

Such a bloody shame. The BBC coverage has been the best I've seen since I started watching the sport in 1999. Eddie Jordan, Jacob Humphrey, Martin Brundle and David Coulthard are great presenters, and so knowledgable. They treat the audience like it has a brain and has seen a race before. Plus all of them have a wealth of (often first hand) knowledge.

I've canclled my plans to subscribe to the BBC's iPlayer service as a result of this announcement.

I hope the Sky coverage is decent (rumours are that BskyB got the BBC team in the deal), because I can't go back to Speed.
QUOTE(Bjorn @ Jul 31 2011, 04:00 PM) *
Such a bloody shame. The BBC coverage has been the best I've seen

QUOTE(Bjorn @ Jul 31 2011, 05:00 PM) *
I've canclled my plans to subscribe to the BBC's iPlayer service as a result of this announcement.

All sessions will be on the iPlayer, ya know...even the races that the BBC doesn't air live they will air in full in rerun.

I think it sucks too but we really aren't losing much of the BBC's coverage...I do wonder if the inaugural US GP will be one of the races that will be live on BBC or not. I think it would suck balls if it wasn't one of them...
I didn't know that entire races would still be on the iPlayer. I thought that for the races they didn't cover they would only have extended highlights.

Still though, if they lose the team of Martin, Eddie, David and Jake I can't see how the BBC coverage will stand up to Sky's.
You can keep eddie, jake's OK, martin and david is good though. I really prefer david croft and anthony davidson the most though.
Eddie is annoying, I'll give you that, but I think he's valuable in that he's a foil to DC and uses his status on the pitlane to ask the questions that would put an end to other people's interviews.

I've never tried the BBC Radio 5 coverage. Might be a nice way for me to catch quali live.
I think it's bad. BBC made such a big deal about the sport coming home, blah blah blah and 2 years later they're having to give half of it up.

It's not the end of the world, as I suppose I haven't seen many of the races live this season anyway, but usually on the same day, so if the highlights are on late it'll be the Monday evening after.

I have Sky, but don't subscribe to the sports package, as I can't afford it, let alone the HD package for Sky channels. I do however get BBC HD included in my base plan, so it's been great this year.

I think taking the current team to Sky will cause BBC to lose a lot of their audience to those that have the choice between BBC and Sky (when they're both live).

There is a UK Government petition here for those who agree that F1 should be free-to-air in the UK. Probably doesn't concern most of you, but you never know how many UK lurkers we have on here.
It needs 100,000 signatures to go to parliament, so there's a little way to go yet.
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