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We can buy german cars dirt cheap in Germany at the moment thanks to the weak Euro. Mom needs a new car. She's saved up enough. I'm car-less at the moment because its cheaper if I just use one of my parent's. (They live close by). So obviously I'm interested she gets something fun. If we're up to me she would get a used C63 AMG Estate for 45-50K, but thats just not going to happen.

She wants:
- 4x4 (we live on a hill, and its a pain with RWD in winter, our street does not get cleared)
- Space
- Not too big
- No Audi, she hates them.

- I'm leaning towards the 330d Estate with X-drive and m-sport package
- Shes eyeing the new X3 (not exactly fun to drive...)
- Dad doesn't care.

What else out there is fun to drive, 4x4, and appeal to women?

Help me out.
Subaru comes to mind.
Subaru Outback. diesel if it is available in Germany.
I think it needs to be European.

Doesn't the hot Opel Insignia have AWD? I hear it's OK to drive.

Porsche Panamera 4?

Mk VI Golf R?
I'd love the R, but its going to need more space.

Insignia OPC: Completely forget about that one. Worth a look at.
VW Towrag ?
X1 2.8ix
My impression on Insignia - lacks stability when you get it above 150 kmh even on good roads.

Have a look at these in person. They look amazing, they really do.

the new Volvo xc60. (Not xc90 - those are too bulky and massive.)

its spacious, thou not too long.
its 4x4
quality of interior beats bmw by far, not even mentioning insignia.
even the 3.2L engine is capable of delivering some real fun.
once again: see the car in person.

My 2nd recommendation would be passat CC 4x4 3.6L. But its not that spacious. You decide wink.gif
We can buy german cars dirt cheap in Germany at the moment thanks to the weak Euro.

Volvo is Swedish.
Is a used Cayenne an option?
QUOTE(Bjorn @ Jul 29 2011, 09:25 PM) *
Volvo is Swedish.

is it??? biggrin.gif I thought its Russian tank.

CHF vs EUR and CHF vs SEK rates are pretty much same trend during in last year. I think SwissWhiskey is going to EU to buy car to use in SUI, so he is going to pay in EUR for any car there. And Im over 99,99% sure that all car makers does hedge they currency portfolio to avoid volatility impact on their balance. Sorry for few lines of off-topic. Hope you get the right car.
Get her a range rover! women love range rovers!

That's if you don't mind going non-German.

Or else the VW Touareg.
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