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Full Version: 2014 Drivetrain Regs become clearer
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Regulation 5.18 states: "It must be possible for the driver to start the engine at any time when seated normally at the wheel and without any external assistance."

The new rules also place an increasing importance upon alternative energy systems, including a requirement for cars to be operative entirely under electrical power when in pitlane.

According to rule 5.19: "The car must be run in electric mode (no ignition and no fuel supply to the engine) at all times when being driven in the pit lane."

Other areas to be affected by the change include the transmission, with a mandatory eight-speed gearbox to be introduced.

Interesting do you guys feel about the starter and pitlane rules? Honestly I like both of them...
Eh. The times at the pitlane will obviously be a bit longer, but more challenging perhaps?
It'll also mean that you'll have to save KERS energy on your in-lap, and won't have much left after you leave the pits.

I think it'll add an interesting element to F1.
I think they're coming up with some really good ideas for Formula 1. Obviously the new rules for this year have made for great racing and I hope they continue to look for ways to improve this also (i.e. eradicate boredom at Valencia), as well as looking at ways to make the sport more economic.

Being able to start the car from the cockpit is something I've always thought should've been brought in many years ago.

Also, front wings will be getting smaller by 150mm; might help Schumacher if he sticks around til then!

They're also looking at ways to protect the drivers head, which include a closed cockpit.
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