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I recently got my hands on an 85mm f1.4 (sigma) and I quickly fell inlove with it. Being a nikon shooter, I quickly looked into both the nikon 1.8D and the new 1.4G. For those whom have had experience with these lenses, is the difference worth $1K+?

I unfortunately can't speak on behalf of the Nikon lenses (yet), but when it comes to the difference between the 1.4 & 1.8 range, I think the difference in price often comes down to the build quality of the lens & quality of glass over that extra f0.4. Its how it is with Canon. Difference in price between the 85mm 1.8 & 85mm 1.2 is massive, but the major difference is a massive quality jump & how wide open you can shoot & it still stays sharp.
Nike SB'd
Under normal circumstances I would usually say yes the Nikon version is worth the extra money, but ironically I was looking at lens tests just yesterday and the Sigma 85 f/1.4 DG HSM lens is apparently very good - have a look for yourself -

Unfortunately they don't have data on the new AF-S 85 f/1.4, but the older version is commonly regarded as one of the best lenses ever made for a 35mm body, so if the new one is better it must be insane. I have the model they tested on there and I have to say it's quite good, but I've always noticed a bit of CA on this lens, but according to their chart it's minimal. At the end of the day I'd say rent one and shoot with it and then decide.

I've actually been thinking about selling my 85mm for a while now, if anyone is interested PM me.
I'm using Nikon's 85 1,8D and I love it! I'll never buy a Sigma lens again.. I've had too many with AF problems.... =( Go for the 85 1,4G if you have shit loads of cash.. Otherwise I guess the 1,8 will do the job!
Thanks guys for your inputs. Ya I wish I had cash for the Nikon 1.4
I've had another photographer tell me that the difference is really un-noticeable between the nikon and sigma. I might go a head and rent it when its available and see if its worth the difference of selling my kidney or not.
Though the 1.8 seems to be a very attractive sub for the price.

As Seethegrim said - I believe that 1.4 is not only 0.4 faster, but also better build and optically better.

My friend has 85/1.8 - he use it mainly for portraits. Very sharp lens.

I have 35/1.8 and it is fantastic! Really great, but I have compared to 35/2 and 30/2.8 and they are better build.

However the price difference is big, that's why I bought 35/1.8 which I like, but its little pricey (about 240$).
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