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Full Version: 2011 Canadian GP thread
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The Canadian GP historically brings fans a very exciting race with all levels of actions from exciting overtakes to epic crashes. Of course, this year doesn't cease to fail with the excitement. Add a little bit of rain(or a lot), and you get quite possibly the most exciting GP you've ever watched in this era of Formula 1.

I'd have to say that I've never been on the edge of my seat unlike this past GP, especially at the closing laps since Hamilton won his first championship at the 2 final coners of the Brazilian GP. Mind you, I rank the final 5 laps of this year's Canadian GP 10x better than Hamilton's WDC clincher.

Finally the version of Jenson Button that we all loved to watch in his WDC run with Brawn GP has returned again in Canada. What seemed to be a near lost cause for Button within the first 20 laps of the race with suffering a crash by Hamilton, pitting for repairs and suffering a drivethrough bringing him down to 14th, as well as a crash with Alonso that brought him back down to the back of the field again, (throw in a total of 5 safety car periods too) he surges through the field and ends up in an epic 3 way battle between Schumacher, Webber and himself overtaking both of them on a track where any part of the race track besides the racing line was a slippery death trap. Once Button got passed Schumacher, he knew it was the moment of truth. Fastest lap after fastest lap, a surging Button catches Vettel within DRS range. Within tenths of a second coming up to Vettel's rear, Vettel runs wide off the line and nearly spins out on the wet/dirty line of the track, handing over 1st position with a few corners left of the final lap. I had some friends who knew nothing about F1 on the edge of their seats because of such excitement!

I haven't been able to find time to watch a full GP lately, but I'm very happy to have watched the best parts of the race while it was broadcasted on TV. It was quite epic. That McLaren is super quick on wet tires. Mind you this was the first truly wet race of the season, with very limited knowledge to all teams on how the wet weather Pirelli tires would perform on this track, let alone perform in general.

If you haven't seen this GP, find a way to download it. I guarantee it will be the best racing you'll see in a while.
With all the safety car periods and the long break to wait for the water to clear, it was like watching 2 sprint races. I thoroughly enjoyed it and as a Mercedes and Button fan, I was very pleased to see Button clinch the win, but a bit gutted Schumacher missed a podium and Nico dropped out of the points on the final lap.
Still that didn't detract from an action packed race.
Great race, absolutely stunning second half to it. Buttons comeback is possible the greatest thing ever. I wished they would have showed more of him getting past the back markers, but they were focused on the Webber vs Schumi vs Petrov racing at the time. SO much quality stuff from this race. I had to d/l and will be watching it a few more times before the next gp. I'm praying for more of this stuff in the races we have left. Regardless the fact that Vettel is running away, there has been some great racing, and I think the gap will continue to be shrink, by how much will have to wait and see.
It was an amazing race, but honestly I found some things about it that really pissed me off. I think they waited too long behind the safety car after the red flag for sure (they were going for inters like two laps afterward!) I also was annoyed that the modern safety car rules handed Vettel two "free" pitstops, it seems like the way the safety car is run this year consistently is a huge benefit to the leader. Not to mention Vettel dominates the restarts consistently, I thought there were issues with backing up the field like he always does? Didn't he get penalized for that last year?

Anyway, that said, an amazing race. Watching Button come through from the lowest lows to win was just incredible. I was literally jumping up and down in my apartment as I watched Vettel slide off, and I was on the edge of my seat for his entire charge through from 21st. Actually I was thoroughly engrossed in all his charges through the field! Truly one for the history books.
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Jun 15 2011, 04:45 PM) *
Not to mention Vettel dominates the restarts consistently, I thought there were issues with backing up the field like he always does? Didn't he get penalized for that last year?

I wondered the same thing out loud too.
I thought there were rules about being too far behind the safety car. Hamilton has been pulled up on it before. Perhaps they're a marker on the track and from that point the leader controls the pack? I've never heard or seen anything about that though.
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