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Full Version: Bacon vs. Cheese
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The question was posed to me: is there anything better to eat in the world than bacon? Just a single thing, not a lot of things, so your seasoned steaks and marinaded chicken and brussel sprouts with pine nuts or what have you need not apply...

My answer: cheese.

The debate rages on! What would you rather eat: plain cooked bacon or your favorite raw cheese?
Cheese is fancy mold.

Bacon is all.

Case closed.
Cheeese, I'm over bacon.
Cheese is fancy bacteria, and I'll take it over bacon any day.
Cheese on bacon. Why distinguish between that which goes so well together?
I could eat cheese all day at the expense of my health, but bacon gets just too salty and greasy after a short while.
You do know how many damn cheeses there are? Ever been to France?
By comparison bacon is a one trick pony. If you said pig/pork vs cheese it'd go the other way.

Repossed Cars
for me cheese. because i love cheese. cheesy... smile.gif
Makin bacon for me. smile.gif
I only eat bacon when its paired up with something else but I'll gladly eat cheese by itself any day. Of course, I fucking love putting cheese on crackers etc. etc. so definitely cheese.
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