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Full Version: How was this lit?
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What I understand: Camera right, about a foot higher of the model + another in the background into a grey background? Black background would eat the light.

But I can't explain the hands. Also not sure what modifier... shoot through umbrella (check out how the light fades) or softbox?? I'm leaning towards strip light.

I'd love to use something similar in my next session.

Any one can help me out?
Nike SB'd
I would guess the light is using a small modifier (zoom reflector) that's gridded very tight, maybe 10-15 degrees. with possibly a scrim or cutter in front of it. Also light placement appears to be very slightly camera right and high above the subject aimed nearly straight downward (the light falls off more vertically than it does horizontally, also would explain how the light is hitting the hands). Although the light appears very "soft" you can tell that it isn't since there is zero fill on the subjects shoulders etc. If you were using a soft box, beauty dish or strip light you'd have bounce fill all over the place - unless the strip light had barn doors on it and was actually behind the subject slightly aimed towards camera.
My vote would go to a small (50x50) softbox with maybe a grid.

When I started out with only a couple modifiers, I got that kind of light from my small softbox.
choked beauty dish or small gridded softbox as mentioned by seagram.
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