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Full Version: First time light painting
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hello guys

so this is my first time when i use light paint

what do u think ..... ?

how can i do white lines on the car ?

it s good to use C-PL filter or whitout ?
kinda looks the same as using just strobes, i would imagine a white car would be hard though
oky , so this is number two

Konrad Janicki
its too small to see if you did it right or not, still nice location
Jordan Mo
From your resolution it looks well done. What was your light source?
Mitch Hemming
that 2nd shot looks great! awesome background. suits the audi very well...

as for the lightpainting, looks good in 2nd pic. the 1st one looks like flash, but you wont get white strips on a white car because.. well if the reflection is white and the cars white? haha
C-PL need to be off, I'm guessing thats why it looks like strobe in #1.
thanks guys , i will try without C=pl filter

this is the bgger version

Konrad Janicki
looks good, but I'm not a fan of the head lights so bright

is that the same building that was in Top Gear with a Gallardo Aston and Porsche ? cool location
yes was personal residence for Ceausescu and now it s the parliament
You CAN get white stripes and shadows/highlights on a white car. For the base coat (since we're talking paint) light the car from further away, 2meters or so, and walk fast. Be careful not to over do it. They the second pass get up closer to the car and concentrate the light a bit more. It just takes a bit more patience and you need to be careful on white.

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