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Full Version: Studio flash questions
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I'm thinking about upgrading my external flashes from handheld ones to studio flashes, but since I have no experience what so ever with studio flashes I need some pointers.

First of all, my budget is, ofcourse, quite low since I'm a student. So expensive flashsystems with external batteries etc etc isn't in my pricerange so I was thinking about getting a 12v-230v converter for the flashes. Sinec 600-1000w converters costs quite alot i was thinking about getting two "low energy flashes" each 48w, the seller says it equals to 250w with regular bulbs. Does anyone have any experience with lowenergy flashes? Do I need even more powerful flashes for shooting cars? Ofcourse more is better but how long will 2x250w get me and how much will it differ from my current 2x speedlights?
I have no idea what low energy flashes are but it sounds like bogus. I would advise atleast +400W from a good manufacture (+500W from any china made stuff).
Most china made stuff are often to high in output specs and break after a couple of months anyway. You need to buy a flash with autodump aswell.
How do you even get 250W from a 48W flash bulb? Remeber that it needs to be a flash bulb and not any regular light bulb.
Stay with speedlights and buy one more until you can afford a real set.
thank you for your input! Ill stick with speedlights this summer then!
I agree also, stay with the speedlights for now. Light is light.
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