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Full Version: Computer Crash
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Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a (approximately 1 year old) Acer Aspire 7720g, which just this morning decided to f*ck me. I was happily listening to music, when all of a sudden, the computer starts making a really loud non-stop buzzing noise. I ran over to the computer and tried to turn of Windows Media player, but then it gave me the spinny wheel, so I hit Ctrl Alt Dlt in the hopes of opening the task manager, and nope, it froze up completely. All the while, the loud buzzing was still happening (altough I think it might have just been the song that was 'frozen', it didn't sound mechanical). So I turn the computer upside down and removed the battery. And now it will not switch on. I've tried battery only, power supply only and both. Nothing.
Please, pleas, please, I have so many SUPER VALUABLE photos and just data that I cannot lose.
Any sugestions on how to move forward....Please!

Thanks in advance

It sounds like it could be a power supply failure. Do you know if the computer was really hot? and if there was any smoke coming out of it? If not that I doubt it was something overheating, so I don't think you'd have to worry about the cpu overheating/damage to the motherboard from overheating. It could be a hard drive crash, but the laptop would still turn on, it'd just have some sort of error when you turned it on, so from what you've described your data might be fine. If you want remove the hard drive and buy one of those cases that make internal hard drives act as externals to back up your data just in case. Then I guess, check out the power supply, if thats not the case, move on to the next component? G'luck
Yes, if your laptop doesn't turn on, it's more than likely a component failure related to the power. Your data should still be in tact. Like caster says, you can remove the hard drive and plug it into an enclosure to retrieve your data and pictures.

If the laptop is still within the 1 year warranty, you can get it serviced or replaced through Acer.
No wonder they changed their logo, lol.
Jame Smeth
I had a Y410 Lenovo Laptop, it is working properly before 1 month its suddenly my OS will crash and it will turn off automatically, now it is not starting the laptop i had tried to solve the problem but still its not working, i am suffering for this problem and i can't go back to work, so please i need a helpful to solve this problem.
is it true did they change their logo
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