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Full Version: 1989 volvo 780 turbo
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First car, 2.3L turbo.

Your car is MINT !!

very nice ... and very rare too.
Much love for Volvo thumbs_up.gif
Nice ! thumbs_up.gif

I sure do miss Arizona... sad.gif
i dont think i've seen one before in person.

i like it a lot
fiber optic
Very clean car. thumbs_up.gif
wood g rain interior! woohoo!

tongue.gif nice car its purdy
I got it for $3800, but it had alot of problems. Someone else in my neighborhood has a 780, but he's a jerk. I should steal parts from his car because they're so expensive.
Volvo's always have such clean engien bays. Anyone else wittness this/agree with me?
Bump from the stone age here. I was about to make a thread for this car, but remembered I made one along time ago, lol.

Some time in 2005 I bought some factory 16's and painted them black.

put a shortened ford powerstroke intercooler in and cranked the boost up a lot.

bought some 5x108 to 5x114.3 adapters

nov 07, drove up to flagstaff to visit my friend. Started it up the next day to drive home, and the headgasket blew. Didnt know until I was mostly home as I needed more throttle and constant boost to keep a constant speed.

sat broken in my garage for a year and a half

bought coilovers for it

got it running again. Front coilovers are on, still havent done the rears. Also with adapters and 17's that I had on my nissan. It also now has a newer turbo and exhaust manifold. Also swapped out the powerstroke intercooler for one from an isuzu npr.

Pulled the transmission out so I could put it in a friends car. I also plan on doing a manual swap anyway.

decided to go with a bmw getrag transmission. Here are some of the parts I needed. Custom driveshaft, shifter, and some other stuff. Also already have a transmission with adapter plate with a volvo bell housing on it.

As it sits today. All I need is to figure out what clutch I need, then I can start putting it back together.

Since the headgasket blew in 2007, I've only put about 2500 miles on the car, lol.

I have too many other projects and not enough money and time, so the 780 has just sat.

other piles I own.

Love the wagon.

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