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My Name is Christian and i liv in switzerland but i am originaly from italy.
I work at a electronic company in the cordination and planning office.

I have started to take pictures last year, so i am a complet newbi and hope for some good C&C on this board.

I drive a skoda octavia rs as a dailydriver

And then i drive a My01 Impreza WRX (My first car, got it in 2001)

And heer some of the last pictures i have taked last Week

Unbenannt von Andreoli Christian auf Flickr

Unbenannt von Andreoli Christian auf Flickr

IMG_3300 von Andreoli Christian auf Flickr

I know my english is not that good, hope you guys understand what i mean.


Do you have the Impreza still?
Yeah i still have it biggrin.gif
Grrrrrrrüezi Christian.

Which racetrack were those pics taken from?
Haha, that old-school Opel looks awesome. Btw, nice Octavia. I've been a fan of Skodas ever since the VW-renaissance. They're like the thinking man's Audis.
QUOTE(SwissWhiskey @ Apr 6 2011, 09:03 PM) *
Grrrrrrrüezi Christian.

Which racetrack were those pics taken from?

Or even ciao! cool.gif

It looks very much like like Anneau du Rhin to me. Non-Swiss may not know that track racing is still forbidden in Switzerland (since the fifties), so we have to go abroad – and this is one of the closer ones.

My old 300ZX TT there

In-car from my Exige at A d R (but before the geo was tweaked and the Öhlins set to a dry track setting).

Sali SwissWhiskey
Like SpeedyK said they where all taken at ADR in france

Thanxs man that thing was pretty fast too. I love the rs. Its a audi with a cheaper case ; ) Was remaped along with a catback exhaust from MTM and it runs strong sinch 140000km.

Or even salut, like you preffer smile.gif
Yeah to bad they have not voted to go for it one more time angry.gif and yeah i dont think hillclimbs are safer then a closed track, so it donst make any sense to me that hillclimbs are ok but closed tracks dont head.gif bs.gif

I think your English is great.
Cars aren't half bad too, lol.
Don't get me started on the Swiss wheel-to-wheel racing ban.

The limp-wristed, miserable, car-hating*, two-faced** transport minister we had last time the subject of having a swiss racing track was discused said, "It would send out the wrong message." die.gif

They don't get it that if people can do track days, then they are LESS likely to try to push their cars to find the limits on public roads.

* As Transport Minister, one of his duties was to be at the opening of the Geneva Motor Show. I was delighted to see that just being there seemed to cause him real distress keke.gif

** The Swiss government ministers made a big deal of how eco-friendly they were when they all went off to a meeting in Brussels on the train. They really banged the publicity drum about what shining examples they were to us all. Yet the transport minister decided he didn't want to take the train back – so he ordered his chauffeur to drive his limousine from Switzerland to come and drive him back. nono.gif angry.gif

How does it go? "Some animals are more equal than others"

I have nothing but contempt for politicians sick.gif

I was at my local Porsche Centre yesterday to get my summer set of rims and tyres fitted. While waiting, I browsed around the showroom. This amused me – but it wouldn't amuse the gentleman mentioned above.

"What?", you say, "It's eco-friendly, isn't it?"

Ah, but look more closely devil.gif

179 km/h = 111mph
Thanxs man ; ) For sure my car is not everyones cup of tee, but thats ok biggrin.gif

You are so right, they really dont understand why we need a closed cours in switzerland emot-fuckoff.gif

Have switched the wheels on my wrx and a friend have taked a picture with his nex5.
Bienvenue sur le forum!

Belles voitures, je n'aime pas particulièrement les phares avant de la Subaru, mais j'aime bien les autres modifications! Je n'ai pas vu beaucoup de voitures japonaises quand je suis allé en Suisse, elle doit être assez unique.

Translation : welcome and nice cars!
I absolutely love your Suby man.
Any specs on the go fast goodies you've got nicely concealed under that hood and chassis?
More pics please as you've got me drooling heavily.

Welcome to the forums and I apologize for chiming in so late with this thread. blush.gif
Nice to see another driving enthusiast on board. smile.gif
Sorry for none getting back to you sooner guys.

Salut Matt
Je a deja achete le phares de lSTI me pas monte pour le moment. Il ya beaucoup du impreza-evos-silvias en suisse.

Thanxs for the props man.

You can find some specs on a fred in nasioc
The pics are taken with a cybershoot so nothing special but enough to show wats under the hood.

It's so surprising that some say 'it's not their style' but I love this.
Great engine shots of the car and I do hope that you did the work yourself and not just throw a check at a tuning shop.
This is one of my favorite Subies ever made and you've done a fine job on the product.
I want more pics of the octavia, I would love to have one of those if I lived on your side of the atlantic. Love your subie to
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