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Full Version: Canon 24-70 Chromative Abberration
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I just got myself a 24-70L.

I haven't had time to play around with it in all situations (I'll do more, once I get home and post some pics).
Messing around in the office I shot the lens cap backlit against the noon sun on my desk at F/2.8 at 28mm and 70mm and had a noticeable amount of Chromative Abberration (CA) in the out of focus areas. The in focus area (The "C-A" in the word canon) was ok. Is this normal?

Again, I'll play around a bit more and post pics. I don't have a similar zoom lens to compare it to except the 50 F/1.8 which has no chroma, then again its a prime.

Thanks for the input
I've found that the only time I'll even get the tiniest hint of CA on my 24-70 is in the most extreme circumstances. Like if I'm trying to balance fill flash against the sun, I'll get a tiny bit on the edge of the model. Thats without any UV, ND or CP being used. So I kind of expect it to happen. With a decent ND and super extreme bright light you shouldn't actually get any CA at all.

Maybe something is wrong with the glass coating or something? If you bought it recently, take it back & get another one.
Thanks for the input

Here are the shots in question: (I noticed I was overexposing by +2)

Here is how the scene looked:

Here is 100% crop, no PP, at F/2.8, perfect exposure, no filter. Is this normal?
Every Canon lenses I owned have always had CA in some focal lengths.
My 24-70L is bad at 24mm and 70mm, and no CA at 55mm.
But it can always be fixed with PS unlike the Sigma lenses I have owned.

BTW do you use full frame or 1.6 crop?
1D3, so 1.3 crop. The shot above was at 70mm. I'll put it through some more tests tomorrow.
Ok I would say that it is perhaps a bit to much because it's often not that visible in low resolutions as the ones you posted.
If you can exchange it.
My 24-70 does that too, back of focus is green and front is pink but it's not as extreme. I took it into a local cam shop and showed them, they said it's normal also I did a side by side test with 2 brand new 24-70 and they exhibited the same problem.
Used it a bit more. Very happy with it.

These guys set me straight:
I still think you have abit to much fringing
mine at 24mm, small jpeg right out of camera, compressed 42% in PS.
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