First: This is a dual post. Posted both in Photography and in Electronics and Technology, not to piss off the mods, but to hopefully get as much input as possible.

Ok, so here goes. Myself and my girlfriend are going on a 2 month tour of SE Asia soon, and me being a photographer, I need a place to store images. The nature of this trip is minimalist backpacker, so the option of us taking a laptop is completely out. I want to also minimalise the amount of expensive electronic equipment I'm taking with.

So this is the plan, I am going to buy a solid state 500Gig portable harddrive (any suggestions on which one, must be rugged?) and I will transfer images as i go, at hotels and backpackers, etc. I am obviously worried about contracting viruses like that and so need to get some protection

Someone told me about software I can upload onto the harddrive, that will give me all sorts of options and features, things like a current version of a certain web browser (IE, Firefox, whatever), antivirus software, etc. that will load everytime I plug it in. The last thing I want is to have 200gigs of data all destroyed by some virus.

I am a technotard (yes, I'm a photographer, but still). My knowledge of electronics outside of cameras is really limited.

Any suggestions for me? What software and recommended routs to upload images to the HD, etc. ?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!