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Full Version: I'll just throw this here since its in my clipboard
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I'm possibly looking to sell my 2000 Jetta. She's got 174,8xx miles and is a 5MT (what you want). I've been wanting an e30 for the longest time, and there is an issue with the heater core right now (not what you want) so this may be my chance to convince the madre to let me sell it. A little background, I've had this car since soph-junior summer in hs, I'm now a junior in college, so almost 5 years. I got it with 146k on it. Things that I have done to it, when I first got it it intermittently wouldn't start and the starter squealed like a bitch. New cps and starter fixed that. But then the starter started squealing (~75% of starts) again and I said hell with it. I've been driving it like 3 years with a squealing starter. Uses maybe a quart between oil changes. Never smokes unless it is super cold out and you floor it right after you start it. Two summers ago I replaced the rear pads, last summer I replaced the front brakes with Ate PremiumOne rotors and Mintex pads. Wheel bearings felt solid when the brakes were done. A K&N drop in was placed in about 6 months after I bought it. Last time I looked at it the one corner was getting kinda dirty. The car has an Enfig(Blitzsafe) ipod input. Timing belt/tensioner/metal wp/G12 were installed a few months ago. When I initially bought the car and ran a carfax on iirc it had the clutch replaced around 120k, (never seen maintainence records on a carfax before or since but whatev). Paint is pretty decent, it has a few scratches at the driver door handle and a few other blemishes that were touched up a the po. At one point over the summer a branch fell on my car and dinged my roof in 2 or 3 small spots and on the one rear door. Currently has Goodyear Eagle GTs on it, I got those on two summers ago, one had to be replaced this past august for inspection and the other 3 might as be replaced if you buy it. New Hella headlight bulbs installed last semester. The wheels have some curb rash from the po. Another goody the po left was a nice dent in the one rocker panel, not terribly noticeable unless you're a midget. The windshield was replaced a few years back. Lower lip was ripped off during enthusiastic driving, as was the skid plate. A coolant return line blew about a month ago, promptly replaced. Oil has been replaced every 3-5k with Castrol high mileage or gtx with Bosch filters. Premium or plus gas has been used for the past 4 years lolz. As mentioned something is up with the heater core or line. The lines leading in from the engine bay are dry. The heat stinks and the windows fog up when using the heat. Core is a 50 dollar part and from what I've seen its the better part of a day/weekend to replace it. The clear coat on the wheels was fed up by me when I was like 16 and got the wrong type of wheel cleaner, they still clean up reasonably well. Two center caps have been replaced (damn those mofos are expensive!).Interior is pretty good considering its seen almost 175k. A few ripped stitches in the back, a few smudges on the headliner and a little wear on the driver's seat. Battery box is getting kind of beat, some of the snaps don't work. The front plastic wheel well things are pretty shot, they cracked at the bottom and after driving 80 on the highway made a real annoying sound so I cut the cracked sections off. Also I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be a guard between the front pass wheel and the engine, there is none so if you blast through a puddle at 300,000,000 meters/sec don't expect to have A/C or powersteering for a second or two. Only affects driving 0.00001% of the time. I'm pretty sure I've said all the good and the bad. Buy a case of beer and a heatercore and replace it with some buddies and you'll have a real solid DD. Looking for 4K obo, tease me some offers.

Heh you know nobody here has any money!
Except SpeedyK and he ain't got enough change for this. tongue.gif
GLWS.... seems a little high in price, but at least your taking offers.
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