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Full Version: Alfa Romeo 4C
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drool3.gif Pure sex

Rumor has it, this thing will see the light of day in 2012. I'll be the first in line. /fanboi

Smaller than the 8C it essentially succeeds, the 4C doesn't shed the excitement factor, just concentrates it into a more compact shape. In fact, at less than eight feet long, it doesn't get much more concentrated than this. Or much lighter: carbon fiber and aluminum construction helps keep the weight down to below 850 kilograms (1873 lbs). The 1750cc, direct-injection turbo four from the Giulietta QV mounted amidship drives just over 200 horsepower via Alfa's TCT dual-clutch transmission to the rear wheels for a 0-60 time in the fours; and speed being relative to size, we bet it would be one heck of a ride along the way.

The best part? Alfa is currently evaluating production possibilities for the 4C, which could finally lead the company's long-awaited return to the North American market. That, and the simply awesome matte red paint scheme in which the show car was unveiled here in Geneva.


That is possibly the coolest thing I've seen... ever. I wonder if it has sufficient cargo space.
...cargo space? Huh? It's a tiny coupe.

I really like it but I think the roof line is pretty clunky. Don't think the blacked-out A-pillars are doing it any favors.
I would kinda perfer a front engine coupe, it seems more Alpha-y. But that curb weight is scrumptious.
God damn Alfa girls are attractive, cars nice too.
Hot damn, I love it!
That looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in motion
Don't much like flat paint colors. I thought I like flat paint once, then I was passed on the freeway by a flat black 2010 WRX and changed my mind. Otherwise that car is hot! I want one. I want one now, don't care what it's like to drive I just want it.

^^2 of those 3 pictures made it into my desktop shuffle. Yeah. Sexy thing. I don't have high hopes for it actually being that great of a car, though.
I am curious to see what it is like when it actually makes it into production. The looks have good potential.
I better start saving if this is true.

4C: Marchionne calls it "the first Alfa Romeo car to re-enter the U.S. market." His wish is to respect the end-of-2012 deadline, but the first units could be shipped to U.S. dealers in early 2013.

^That article sounds promising!
^ Indeed it does.
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