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Full Version: F1's Future
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So currently F1 is going to adopt a new engine formula in 2013, the 1.6 liter turbo direct injection I4 limited to 12,000 RPM and with a larger KERS system to produce about 700 HP with current-ish chassis weights (who knows what will happen to aero by then, I suspect it'll go up).

I have a better idea biggrin.gif

2012 - new engine regs, 2.4 Evos biggrin.gif Still 2.4 liter, continue the base engine design, but move to a more conventional (but lightweight) valvetrain so revs maybe 12-14000? Should be more durable too. Twin turbocharging, maintain power to current engines, end current-spec KERS. Limit the 3-dimensional aspect ratios of front wing elements (that's been a huge part of the gain in aero over the last couple years)

2014 - smart and lightweight engine regs. Fuck the 1.6 I4, 1.8 liter twin compound turbocharged I6, 16000 RPM rev limit, direct injection, 700 HP or so. Increase maximum car width, clip the wings, lower the minimum curb weight back under 600 kg, and make the tires wider. 15 inch wheels.

oh baby!
Your 2014 ideas sound just like the late 80s/early 90s era... era I wish I could have watched.
This is purely an emotional response, so please don't take it as me being rational (My logical brain agrees with everything you're saying).

F1 is supposed to be the pinacle of motorsport, but a four cylinder engine, no matter how advanced, just doesn't have the emotional feel of a top-level powerplant.

That being said, having an "index of performance" rule, like that had in the 80's at LeMans, would be pretty cool.
Fuck Todt, we need to put Clarkma in charge.
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