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Full Version: Need some help.
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Hi guys, my name is Bogdan and i was hoping someone could help me.

On the 15th of june i`ll be coming to America, Palmyra, Pennsylvania, and i was wondering if someone could direct me to a good shop where i could pick up some gear, such as a body, some lenses and maybe some other stuff.

Also i was wondering if someone could help me to decide between a Canon 60d and Canon 7d. Ouh yeah, also, if anyone could tell me if there is a very big difference between the Canon 70-200 f4 and Canon 70-200 f 2.8
Hi guys, it`s me again, i really need your help to make up my mind.

So can you help me? Canon 50d vs canon 60d ?
There's several reviewes on google regarding 50d vs 60d. As far as ive red, what differs these two from each other is the exposure metering system, where 60d is superior. 60d also handles high ISO slightly better and have 18mpix compared to 50d's 15mpix. Since your gonna use your camera on travels, bare in mind that the 50d is slightly bigger and heavier than the new 60d. I dont have any price comparation between these two, so its up to you if you think these features on the 60d is worth the extra quid!

Regarding the 70-200 lenses. I'd say the 70-200/f2.8 is the best, unless the f4 have IS (Image stabalizer). If the 2.8 is the IS version id say the depate is over, 2.8 for the win!
You get 2.8aperture over the whole zoomlength with the f2.8 slense, this helps ALOT when taking shots at 200mm zoom and delivers nice Dept of field effect over the whole zoomlength. With that said, the 70-200/f4 is prolly cheaper than the f2.8 and if you got a tripod or only plan on shooting in broad daylight, the f4 is prolly a good compromise.
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