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Full Version: Frequent Connection Problems?
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For the last several days it seems like I've got about a 1-in-3 chance of a page not loading on the forums (particularly when returning to a sub-forum index or when marking a forum as read), despite the rest of the internet operating normally. Has anyone else noticed an increased occurrence of "The connection has timed out" or similar warnings from their browsers on the forums?
Working fine from work, home and ATT 3G network.

Does this happen on on DS or other pages too?
My internet kinda sucks so I get occasional issues all over the place, but I can browse twenty tabs simultaneously and run uTorrent in the background and have DS consistently be the only page that gives me problems most of the time. It's really obvious when my internet dies completely (nothing loads, chat clients lose their connection) but DS is the only website I visit that has problems when my internet isn't being otherwise 'tarded.

For instance, it took two attempts to post this reply, and three attempts to edit it.
Fine through school internet, fine over Verizon EVDO.
Having no problems through my off campus house Comcast internet. Sounds like a connection issue? blush.gif
Yea I'm not having out of the norm troubles here at college either.
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