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Full Version: Renting Lenses
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OK, I need a lens for an upcoming shoot and dont have the funds to buy it.
So, I'm looking to get one.

I've never rented a lens before and I know my local camera store charges a bit more than any of the ones I've found online.

I'm curious to hear experiences from those who have rented lens before, I'm a little hesitant because I've never done this before but I know it's the only option I have... so can anyone recommend me a place to rent a lens.

Any reviews of rental places...etc.
what company did you use?
how was your experience... etc.


Well I can't really help with your local hiring places, but I rent lenses all the time. I've got such a great relationship with my local suppliers that very often they give me half day rental (they're not meant to) or they let me keep the lens(s) for an extra bit of time at no charge.

For me I just can't justify buying a $2500 lens when I only use it 5 times a year. The lenses I do use all the time I do buy. And I only own like 3 lenses. But renting is the way to go. Nothing wrong with renting gear.

Most of the full time commercial guys rent EVERYTHING. There are a couple commercial advertising photographers here by me who don't even own a camera...! They hire for everything. Because at the end of the day, the client pays for the hiring. I always slot it in under "lighting & rigging" on my quotes/invoices. And its a tiny fraction.
Ya, I'm thinking from here on out I'll just start renting lenses. Especially during these times where it is a bit hard to justify buying a $2,000 lens that would only be used seldom
I've rented a few times from and had really good service. I was hesitant my first time and called and I'm sure sounded retarded but the guy was extremely helpful.
Jacob Photo
Where are you located?

In Socal, there's a handful of local places you can rent from. Only problem is that if there's a major event in town, it may be hard to get ahold of the lens you want. But for weekday shoots, they're great.

I'd highly suggest trying to go local if at all possible, and reserve the lens you want as far in advance as possible.
I'm in Cleveland ohio, not much as far as camera stores here. And the only 1 we have charges an arm and a leg. I was thinking of going with I've heard really good things with them. I would go local if we have more choices as far as the # of camera stores here cause that would atleast bring the price down a bit. but since there's only 1 they then to jack up the price, because they can.

i have used them numerous times and love their service
How much do you pay for rent? I am just curious, as I am from Europe.....

In Poland we pay usually 2-3% (sometimes even 4%) of lens cost for 2-3 days usage.
All of the other suggestions are great. Also try and and
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