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Full Version: Is there any tutorials for Cinematic type of Post Processing?
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This has always been my favorite as everyone here has an awesome talent of photography. I recently started learning photography a little under a year now and I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me some tips or maybe a rough tutorial on making like a cinematic type of post process. Here's an example of what I'm trying to aim for.

This was my attempt to a cinematic looking photo:

I think a cinematic photo really has to tell a story. Most commercial photography tells a story, it's a good idea to check some stuff out. Just analyse a photo you like. What have they done to the colors, composition, special effects etc.

Maybe you can get some inspiration by watching your favorite movie and pausing it when you see a nice scene wink.gif.
Granted, there is a lot that happens in post processing which can make an image stand out from the crowd. However a lot of processing 'styles' also start out in front of the camera with lighting -regardless of its its strobe, painting, natural...

I think the easiest way to get a "cinematic" feel, is to grunge your images up somewhat. Add lots of blacks to your individual color channels.

But your easiest solution is this: GOOGLE is your friend. Always.
dang didnt know my photo was in here. thanks. yea just google or even go on youtube. there are tons of videos
look up tutorials on photoshop levels, curves and channels.
look straight guys it is to nice and good pic i also like 2nd picture it is just like a adobe photography but seems
real what you have comments on such type of a posting guys
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