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Full Version: Sigma EX 30/1,4 DC HSM any good?
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Dejan Sokolovski
Hey guys,

Thought I'd ask if any of u have any experience with the Sigma EX 30/1,4 DC HSM lens?

I need one with great depth of field and also not being too much zoom, like 30-35mm would be perfect.

Got any tips? Not too expensive either but could be expensier than the Sigma...

Use for Nikon D300!
Nikon 35 1,8 is my love.. Great price, color reproduction and AF.. Also super crispy sharpness already at wide open! =)
Dejan Sokolovski
Nice Oskar, I checked it out its not a bad alternative at all and cheaper! smile.gif
I had one before but the focus wasn't really precise, so I can't really comment on the lens ..
I got about 2-3 sigma lenses that had focusing issues in the past years so now I try to avoid them !
Dejan Sokolovski
Hmm I've read about that THAT sigma lens has problems with focus for some people... but should be fixed with a focus adjustment, I hope... tongue.gif
there is actually a 200+ page spread on the love of this lens over at potn i went and bought one and man is it sharp wide open..i actually sacrifice how close to the subject i can get at car shows and use it instead of the 24 70 because of the it and have a look how many ppl love the 30 and see which suits you best

good luck with the choice!

p.s. mine is perfectly sharp and perfectly fine at focusing straight out of the box i also know of 3 other examples the same so if ours are bad i really really want a good copy haha
I have this lens with a D90 and the focus is spot on, and pretty much stays on my camera. I love it.

I have, however, heard about certain copies of this lens needing to be re-calibrated even if bought brand new. My advice is to go to a camera shop and try out a version in person to save from the hassle.
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