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2011 Formula 1 calendar
13/03 Bahrain
27/03 Australia
10/04 Malaysia
17/04 China*
08/05 Turkey
22/05 Spain
29/05 Monaco
12/06 Canada
26/06 Europe
10/07 Great Britain
24/07 Germany
31/07 Hungary
28/08 Belgium
11/09 Italy
25/09 Singapore
09/10 Japan
16/10 Korea
30/10 India*
13/11 Abu Dhabi
27/11 Brazil

*Subject to the homologation of the circuit.

20 circuits with the addition of India. Otherwise nothing drops off or gets added, except China needs to do some upgrades to the track and get re-licensed by the FIA. Turkey is now the first "european" race (ok it's in far western asia, but it's close) and Brazil is the season finale once again. Canada is the weekend after my final exams...hmmmm intriguing.
So is 20 the number they are set on even beyond next season? What race gets chopped when (wishfully thinking) the US Grand Prix is set to return?

I think its kinda cool that there is 20 races to look forward to, but it kinda feels Bernie is pimping out the brand, which is not a bad thing, particularly for his and F1's pocket book.

Does anyone miss Magny Cours?
Bernie claims he wants 25 races, which I think is ridiculous. The teams claim that anything more than 20 is going to force them to have to consider running a much larger staff and that will limit expansion, but I'm sure the FIA will push for 21 or 22 races and the teams will roll with it, even if it means making the season start at the end of February.

But I think 25 is definitely reaching the point where there are too many just from the point of view that each grand prix isn't that important...and winning a grand prix should be a big deal. Nowadays there are so many races it doesn't feel like winning a race is that special.
25, dang. I get that its a cash cow but protect the brand. You do make a good point about wins not even being that special, I never looked it at that way. Kinda like what nascar system does to team strategy, where they just try to finish in top 10, one because there is so many cars out there, two being that there is a long race season like 30+ races.
I forgot Russia is breaking ground on their circuit south of Moscow, Rome as well have been making noise.
Wow, I didn't know there was that much going on in the world of F1.
I've just been really getting into F1 for the past three years now or started really paying attention to the racing in 2009.
More races? woot.gif
I could handle more for me watching the action of the best drivers in the world with the best cars in the world.
If the seasons are going to be as good as this year, then I'm all for a few more Grand Prix's.

But there are some on the list already that I wouldn't mind seeing cut (Bahrain, Valencia, Hungary) and plenty I'd like to see on the calendar that aren't.

And yes bobo, I always liked the Magny Cours circuit.

I'd feel for my Dad if there were 25 races though! The off-season is hard enough as it is.
Surely they'd have to remove the capping they brought into force to handle 25 race seasons?
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