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Full Version: Cars in Music Videos
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Thought this was a decent idea for a thread. Post up music videos that have interesting car-related stuff going on.

Kanye driving an obscure Czech supercar called the Tatra MTX in the full-length version of "Runaway"

Jamiroquai in his video "White Knuckle Music" chasing down a classic 911 Carrera RS

Jamiroquai again, this time in the much, much older "Cosmic Girl" involving an F40, a Diablo, and a 355

I'll post more when I can think of them.
Oh yeah,

Robbie Williams in "Millenium." Any video with both a classic Aston and a Bond Bug deserves respect


Rover SD1 in Dont you want me baby tongue.gif
for duke

Will Smith in what appears to be a commercial for the Aston DB7 Volante:

I actually love cruising to this song...just did a little while back.
Reliant Robin from Radar Love video

^ haha that is epic.
That was awesome duke. Perfect car too. Just don't wear your seatbelt and do a quick turn and you can be laying on top of your girl or vice versa. DS_Naughty2.gif
Lloyd Banks Feat. Juelz Santana - Beamer, Benz Or Bentley


Rick Ross's "Aston Martin Music" DBSs, Rapides, and even a classic V8.
I don't care for this song much but it does have a Pagani smile.gif

theres a Lamborgini Gallargo in the lyrics as well

Anyone who mispronounces the name of their Lamborghini should have to take the car up the ass at 150 MPH.
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